Custom Totes – The Classic Favorites in Trade show Swag

Trade shows are alive and ticking even in today’s digital world and these networking events still play a crucial role in day-to-day business. Marketers make sure to have the most trending swag in their kitty to make their trade show presence well defined. The best and the most popular handouts like imprinted tote bags often double up as your brand ambassadors in mass events like trade shows.

Custom Imprinted Cotton Convention Tote Bags

Promotional items  at trade shows

For several years now, the trade show market has been on a steady growth route and has become a perfect platform for networking,  personal  interactions and business deals.   Around 60 percent of the trade show visitors are decision-makers and that is why marketers take trade show giveaways rather seriously .

Trade shows give a platform for personal contact and professional exchange and to experience innovations. At trade shows , the promotional item you hands out plays the key role as your brand spokesperson that makes a relationship with the audience.

YaYa Budget Shopper Tote Bags

Tangible handouts  increases attention of the flowing crowd of attendees and encourages them to stop by your booth for a longer time to understand the products. Choose logo gifts that are popular among the audience to ensure more value for your gifts and better retention.

As trade shows bring in a diverse crowd of varying age groups and demographics, it often becomes a challenging task to choose handouts that will appease them all.  By choosing popular and high utility gifts like custom tote bags, this hurdle can be crossed with ease.

Trade show booths with giveaways are more tempting and these items serve as icebreakers at the stand and make the trade show experience more memorable. For the follow-up, you can even send another suitable thank you gift by post.

Tradeshow Two-tone Tote Bags

Quality is the watchword

Your focus should defiantly be on the class rather than the bulk. So, by choosing budget friendly yet quality gifts like totes, you can celebrate the boom at trade fairs. A creative design, plus the latest models will make a decisive difference in the popularity of these trade show items.

Large Jute Tote Bags

Totes have  Long-term utility

The long term utility of totes make it a memorable gift idea for the attendees.  The best part is that your audience will find it handy in hauling all the brochures and flyers they may pick up from the countless booths. Plus custom totes will be clearly visible across the entire exhibition grounds and stir up the curiosity of the public.

Maine Zippered Cotton Tote Bags

Ecofriendly models like cotton and canvas totes are increasingly gaining favor with customers and this sustainable advertising strategy will get a lot of attention for sure. Custom totes are in vogue as trade show brand ambassadors. So if you have not been investing on this trade show swag, your time is now.