Custom Tote Bags- The Cost Effective Way To Build Your Brand And Goodwill

The popularity of Tote bags has only gone up with time! Though business owners of today have a lot more gift ideas to choose from including technological handouts, most of them still prefer to choose totes for their promotions. Wonder why?

Here are some reasons that make these custom bags perennially popular.

Budget friendly: Tote bags are priced easy and you can get many bag models under $1! The low sticker price of tote bags will make it a perfect item to consider for mass promotions like tradeshow hand outs, community events or as employee gifts.

Ecofriendly: One of the most important reasons for the popularity of tote bags is its eco friendly features. Reusable and made of organic materials like cotton or jute, tote bags will give your branding campaign an added advantage of a go green tag. Recipients will be keen to endorse the brands that stand for the cause of nature as there has been a greater awareness about the importance of nature conservation and its impact on human lives.

Utility: Not many promotional items can match the utility of tote bags. Be it for a day out in the beach, at work or for the shopping day, totes bags look good everywhere. Casual and vibrantly colored, totes tug the hearts of your recipients easily and will make them remember your message for a very long time.

Efficiency: Tote bags are large hand held bags, which can be used for heavy duty toting needs and daily errands. Designed to last long, these logo items will ensure maximum brand exposure for your business as tote bags never go out of trend and your recipients will only be happy to add on to their collection of these popular bags.

Versatility: Tote bags are available in various shapes and models that there is something special for everyone. Be it as a lunch bag, a shopping bag, a magazine bag or a snack bag, we at Proimprint have all these and more.

Color choices: Offered in a range of vibrant solid colors, custom tote bags are excellent gift ideas for seasonal or color themed promotions.

Planning an employee appreciation week, a fund raising event or a tradeshow any time soon? Look no further than these fabulous gift ideas. We have a popular tote bag models listed out for you to give a fair idea on what to look for.

Cotton tote bags Colorful, casual and long lasting these cotton tote bags will allow your customers to tote their groceries and day-to-day items easily.Custom Logo Imprinted 100% Cotton Tote Bags

Thermo tote bags: Ecofriendly and cost effective, these models are great for community events, awareness campaigns, nature clubs and more.Custom Printed Therm-O-Tote Bags

Paper tote bags: Stay on top of the trend with these paper tote bags. These make perfect handouts for clothing companies, grocers and stores, tradeshow booths, schools, shopping centers and malls.Customized Paper Shopping Large Tote BagsWe have a lot more. Browse and shop for totes that catch your attention.