Custom tote bags – Take a fun Quiz

Tote bags are hugely popular among promotional items. Most business owners rely on these trusted war horses to promote their brands and to spread their message. The recipients too will be delighted to own a few of these trending promotional bags any other day.Promotional 12 Can Lunch Cooler Tote Bags

There are many good reasons to hand out these custom totes. These reusable bags are great to highlight your ecofriendly credentials and to promote your brand alike. Brands that are associated with social causes like making the planet earth a better place to live will surely grab the instant attention of everyone in your audience.

It will be interesting to play this brain teasing quiz game to know how well you know about the promotional potential of these logo items. So, off we go. Team Proimprint is as excited as the business owners who are playing this game to see the outcome and to find the lucky winners who romp home with our gifts.

We have had shortlisted a selection of questions that summarize the essence of the promotional potential of logo tote bags

  • The average cost per impression made by promotional tote bags
    A) 1 cent
    B) 10 cents
    C) 1/10 of 1 cent

The answer is 1/10 of 1 cent. The logo imprinted on bags will continue to grab regular impressions over a long time. Some of the best options to consider include cotton totes or nonwoven shopper bags

Promotional Non-Woven Budget Shopper Totes Bags

  • What percentage of consumers report owning a promotional bag?
    A) 10%
    B) 15%
    C) 50%

The correct answer is 50%, which in itself is a proof of the tremendous popularity that these logo items enjoy. Imprint your logo and message on these and see how your brand enjoys the ultimate portability and exposure on these practical gifts that everyone needs in their daily lives.

  • Consumers in which state own the most promotional tote bags?
    A) Florida
    B) Illinois
    C) California
    The answer is Illinois where 2/3 rd of population report owning a promotional bag.

Promotional products will create a favorable impression of your brand in the minds of the recipients. However, handing out high quality and practical promotional products like custom bags will help your brand earn a few brownie points easily. Some of the best selling models to consider including cotton totes, lunch cooler tote bags, messenger tote bags and thermo tote bags among others.