Custom Tech Giveaways For A New Year

When you have new projects and new business goals for the New Year, you should undeniably have new custom products as well for your prospects. Outdated and obsolete handouts are rejected outright by the discerning audience.


Customers in general have a short attention span as they continue to get inundated by thousands of advertisements every day. If your brand wants to stay on top of their minds, you have to think the most trending gifts like tech accessories. These are not just fad but are functional as well. So, here is  quick list of some of the tech giveaways that will being a smile on to the faces of your recipients and get them amped up for a whole year.

Reports say that 1/3 of American households have three or more smartphones. So  giveaways that can be used with mobile devices will be a great choice.

Wireless chargers

People use smart phones to not just make calls but to navigate, watch movies, shop online and more. So, keeping their phones charged always is a challenge. This is what makes wireless charging pads and powerbanks ideal promotional items. There are even multifunctional accessories like Wireless Charging Mouse Pads that doubles up as a charger and a mouse pad at the same time. The added utility will make an extra reason for customers to retain these for a longer time.

Printed Wireless Charging Mouse Pads

Looking for tradeshow swag that is budget friendly?  Color Changing Night Light with Dual USB Wall Chargers will make a great gift that everyone will want to take home. Need  something exciting? Speaker bottles that offer the dual convenience of a speaker and a beverage container will make a superb option.

Printed Wireless Speaker Water Bottles

Fun yet functional

Functional gifts need not be plain and boring. Check out these fun items like mop topper stylus pens that will work both as a stylus pen and a smart screen color. The cute smiley face will please your audience and they will love to make it their work desk mascot for a long time.

Patriotic MopToppers® Stylus Pens

 Moptoppers® Webcam Security Covers is another brilliant choice. Offered in a fun pop of colors, these double up as webcam security covers and a mop for the screens. Your recipients will find it hard to resist.

USB Drives

Though cloud technology has changed the way how companies back up their files, USB drives still make a portable and efficient way to save, carry or transfer data.  These pint sized tech accessories will ensure crucial back up for data when internet connection fails or during hardware malfunctions

Studies show that 43% of consumers hold on to these custom gifts for two years or more. The big bonus – USB drives change hands and get shared among colleagues, friends and family members. So, your message will get a wider audience that you anticipated originally. Choose from a wide range of colors and models to match your theme or the tastes of your target audience.

2 GB Bamboo Rectangle USB 2.0 Flash Drives

You can effectively amp up your business campaign with these tech giveaway ideas and spread brand awareness. Which of these custom tech accessories are you planning to make your New Year gifts?