Custom  Shot Glasses- Your Halloween Cocktail Parties Can’t Get Any Better!

Shot glasses make great additions to the barware at home, sports bars and even offices. Marketers will find these custom glasses a great way to connect with an adult audience.

Shot glass

Can there be a better way to promote fun – and your brand at the same time than shot glasses? Get your brand and message imprinted on these to promote liquor companies, clubs, casinos, or infact any business that wants to spread fun and good times.

A shot glass is typically used to measure out liquor or alcohol for cocktails and is feted as one of the most hard-working glasses in barware items. Available in various shapes and models, shot glasses can also be used to sip the liquor straight.

1.7 Oz Shot Glasses with Holder are having a double wall structure which consists of a clear outer wall and colored inner wall.  These attractive, BPA free shot glasses will drive up the fun of your happy hours and make your brand the hottest talking topic in town. These trendy shot glasses can even be used as work desk accessories to keep tooth picks, pens and other items organized on the desk.

1.7 Oz Shot Glasses with Holder

Shot Glass with Bead Necklace: Enjoy your drink in style and make sure that you won’t misplace your ale with these shot glasses with bead necklace that keeps it safely around your neck. While your prospects wear it and enjoy their drink, your brand will get all the attention!

Imprinted Shot Glass with Bead Necklace
2 Oz Glow Shot Glasses: Light up the bar tables and the brew with these stylish glow in the dark shot glasses. It earns easy attention and makes a flashy ingredient in any cocktail party.

2 Oz Glow Shot Glasses

9 Oz Customized Old Fashioned Shot Glasses make the classic way to enjoy your drinks.  Made in USA and BPA free, these classic old fashioned shot glasses are great to hold most types of beverages. Customize it with your brand and message to promote outdoor festivals, happy hours, sports bars and cocktail events.

 Old Fashioned Shot Glasses

1.5 Oz UV Reactive Orange Glow Shot Glasses: These shot glasses glow in UV light, grabbing easy attention.  Expose these glasses to UV light before the party time; great for Halloween parties, glow events and black light parties. Make use of the imprint space to highlight your brand and message to steal the spotlight during party nights.

1.5 Oz UV Reactive Orange Glow Shot Glasses

2 Oz Party Shot Cups Shaped like party cups, these plastic shot glasses will drive up the bubbly fun of parties and events manifold. Offered in various solid color choices, these shot glasses will make a delightful addition to the bar essentials.

Printed 2 Oz Party Shot Cups

Interested to find more such interesting models in custom shot glasses? Make sure to browse our complete line of shot glasses to choose a model that matches your promotional theme.