Custom Products To Boost Your Restaurant Business

Covid-19 has forced many businesses to change and evolve. There are some industries that are more affected than others say for instance, salons or restaurants that have been hit the hardest. Restaurants were the last to reopen and often functioned for limited hours in compliance of the social distancing norms.

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Consumers too are changing their habits to avoid public spaces. So, the takeout and delivery business model adopted by restaurants has been a smart way to stay open.  This new method of doing business infact will give you more opportunities to attract new customers and popularize your brand to a wider audience.

Here are some smart ideas to keep your restaurant business robust even in this changing world where nothing has been the same!

Scream from the rooftop that you are open!

Get the word out to everyone that your restaurant is open. Inform your customers on how to place their orders in advance, the pickup locations or even a more interesting and diverse menu on offer.

Use custom printed banners and  signs to get the eyes of your diners and alert them that you are open. Consider vinyl banners or yard signs that make great and eye-catching options for street-side promotions. These can be imprinted with the change in hours or your new business models, which your prospects will find informative.

2' x 6' Custom Printed Single-Sided Vinyl Banners

Provide a Safe Customer Experience

Sanitation and personal hygiene has become the big tickets that fetch sales for any business. Your restaurant should thus be fully prepared to serve food in a hygienic and safe environment. It will go a long way in making your customers feel confident about your restaurant’s health guidelines.

Hand out custom facemasks for employees to create a safe environment for both employees and the customers. Stick floor decals and stickers to mark out the spots for your customers according to the social distancing guidelines.

Printed Protective Stretchable Polyester Face Masks

If you have a nice garden or patio for your restaurant you can arrange chairs 6 feet apart from the customers who are waiting to collect their takeaways. Setting up event tents in the garden is another way to engage your customers with your brand.

10'x10' Full Imprinted Standard Custom Event Tent Kits

Sanitary food packaging option is a key factor. We have custom storage containers of various types that can be customized with your brand and message.

17 Oz Customized Ceramic Containers with Bamboo Lid

By using these branded, high quality products for takeout orders you can ensure that your restaurant stays on top of mind of your customers.  You can also leave a few imprinted napkins to enhance the branding exposure.

Personalized 3-Ply Beverage Napkins

Let customers Come Back

High utility promotional giveaways like food storage containers will leave a lasting impression that lasts for more than just a meal.  This is the best way to show customers that you appreciate them.  You can even handout refrigerator magnets imprinted with discount coupons  or menus which the recipients will find useful. These will earn a prominent spot on the refrigerators and will serve as a reminder of your take away options.

Apple Magnetic Power Clips

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