Custom Prizes And Giveaways for Carnivals And Summer Fairs

Fun, budget friendly and effective promotional products that turn heads during crowded events like carnivals and fairs are any marketer’s dream. Nothing says summer like fairs and carnivals; with a rich smattering of color and joy. Reach out to the fun loving audience with these custom giveaways that will make any event a roaring success. Carnivals and fairs offer a prime opportunity to get your brand out to the public in a fun and memorable way.

This post will help you get started on a sound footing. Here are some giveaways that will double up as keepsakes for the audience and put your brand top of their minds.

Custom Wristbands

Wrist bands with your logo can also be used to tag the attendees who have made the payment. Available in various models and colors; including glow in the dark models, wrist bands are indeed hard to resist. These reusable bands can even be used as fashionable accessories for your prospects during picnics and camping.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are versatile and fashionable . It will also make a handy way for the recipients to carry the items they purchase or the prizes they win. Available in various models and colors, custom totes offer mobile advertising for your business, showing off your logo wherever they go. The best part is that custom totes see ongoing use after the carnival has ended, creating a longer lease of brand visibility. Ideal for all types of toting needs, totes are indeed firm favorites.

Plush Animals

Cute and cuddly plush animals have always been classic carnival prizes for games; such as the ring toss or balloon darts. Available in various shapes and colors ; these plush animals will even make a tangible brand reminder for your audience. In addition, these delightful plush animals will even make a great talking topic among people. This in turn will take your message far and wide.

Custom food and Candy

Sweet treats and carnival fun go hand in hand indeed . From chocolate to candies, mints and gummies, custom food and candy can be sold at vending booths, given out as fun prizes for carnival games.


Yet another great category of promotional items that fit perfectly at a carnival are custom pennants. They’re perfect for showing team spirit. Imprint these with your logo and message to make great souvenir giveaways for guests. Besides, they make a great addition to your gifts bag to serve as a reminder of the good times they had.


Help the guests block out the sun while still exposing their fashion sense by handing out custom sunglasses. Choose UV resistant models like Malibu sunglasses in various color choices to bring together fashion and functionality. Budget friendly and incredibly popular, custom sunglasses will also continue to make consistent impressions for a long time at one time investment.

Cooling towels

Offer respite to the guests from the scorching sun by handing out custom cooling towels. Available in various models and price rates, these quick drying and highly evaporative towels will also keep your brand in full display every time they wipe their faces as they brave the sun and enjoy the carnival vibes.

We have a lot more! Make sure to browse our exclusive selection of outdoor giveaways before you make up your mind!