Custom Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) For Schools

Schools may not reopen as scheduled this academic year. More educational institutions like schools and colleges are resorting to online learning to ensure safety of the students and teachers. As the possibility of discovering a vaccine for Covid-19 this year is rather slim, schools and educational institutions may have to think about PPE kits for their staff and students when the schools reopen.

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Why PPE for Schools?

Schools can be a thriving ground for germs especially in the younger grade schools because children like to mess around. It may expose them to  germs, which could be inadvertently passed over to surfaces in play grounds or break rooms and other children in class. Ensuring a high grade of personal hygiene in younger children can be a challenging task simply because kids are kids afterall!

Children may not show symptoms but they could be  carriers that harbor virus. It will pose a serious risk of spreading disease to teachers, other kids in class or the more vulnerable members in their family.

As social distancing policies are difficult to fully implement in younger grades, PPE holds the answer to personal protection. As schools reopen, students will be coming from different parts of the country, which could raise the instances of possible infection.

College or school students may try to come to the class even if they feel slightly unwell to ensure that they do not miss the lessons. Symptoms often do not come out for many days, which makes it all the more difficult to manage the situation. In the event of students taking public transport or attending a seminar with hundreds of other students the risk of contamination goes up manifold.

 College campus, party events, hostel rooms and dorms will all make vulnerable areas for students  to come into contact with microbes. Educational institutions indeed have a set of unique challenges to tackle to prevent the spread of disease.

Here are some of the PPE  kits and items that any college or school should invest to ensure the well being of their students and staff.

Personal Protection Classic Kit - One Color

Face masks will make a great item in any safety kit. These are handy giveaways to even other people that may be closely involved in the daily functioning of the schools like for instance food service workers, drivers or janitors among others. Choose from reusable cloth masks and several other handy models like those fitted with foam.

Printed Bella+Canvas® Daily Face Masks

Disposable 3 Ply Medical Face Masks is another way to halt the spread of transmission. These are ideal for children as these are maintenance free and can be disposed off. It will make a physical barrier at reception desks and similar setups. Accessories like ear saver will make it easy for children to wear the mask for long period without pain and discomfort.

Breathable and Disposable 3-Layer Cloth Face Masks

Gloves will prevent the exposure to filthy touch points and keep the students and staff safe. Disposable Nitrile Protective Rubber Gloves will make a great addition to the PPE of your school.

Powder Free Nitrile Disposable Gloves

Forehead thermometers will make it easy to check the temperature of students and staff regularly to cut down the risk of sick people entering educational institutions.

Promotional Forehead Thermometer Kits

Hand sanitizers will not just ensure hand hygiene but will keep the surfaces clean. Antibacterial wet wipes can also be used to clean shared surfaces at every opportunity especially before and after the students enter. Customize these with your logo and mascot to turn these into publicity items.

 .34 Oz Compact Hand Sanitizer Sprays

Corona virus awareness campaign magnets will make a great way to keep the safety tips in plain view of the teachers and students in class rooms or in common areas. It will make a quick reference for the safety tips to be followed to keep the pandemic in check

Coronavirus Prevention Outdoor & Car Magnets 55 Mil Square Corners

Order well before the schools reopen to ensure adequate supply of PPE items for classrooms and staff rooms to cater to the new normal world and set up a safe learning environment.