Custom Personal Protection items to Promote Your Business

Handing out wellness items to customers, employees or stakeholders is the best way for marketers to show that they care. Your recipients will feel valued to see that you take their health and personal safety seriously.

Here are some of the popular custom health and wellness items that can be included in your promotional campaigns.

Snap-Button Mask Holding Lanyards

Reusable Face Masks

Reusable  face masks will keep your prospects safe from elements help them maintain healthy lifestyle habits. Choose from a wide range of functional and fashionable face masks in various price rates. Check out these full color dye sublimated masks that will add a pop of fun color to the dressing style of your recipients.

Full Graphic Sublimation Face Mask with Filter Pocket

You can even customize these trendy masks as part of your staff uniform by choosing masks in your corporate color and getting it imprinted with your slogan or mascot.  Being long lasting and reusable, these custom masks make a great investment for you as a promotional product in the new normal world.

Reusable masks for kids are available in a wide range of models including antibacterial masks and full color dye sublimation masks among others.

Mask accessories

Ear savers are as popular as face masks as these will relieve the pain and pressure of keeping the masks straps over the ears for a long time. Offered in a wide range of colors, these slotted face mask accessories will ensure a perfect fit and can be used by everyone and with any type of face mask.

Ear Saver & Mask Extender Ear Protection

 Mask lanyards

Keeping the face masks safe and away from filthy touch points is the biggest challenge for everyone. These mask holding lanyards will keep  the masks safe and  at easy access every time your recipients have to take off their masks while eating or other errands.

Your audience will indeed be pleased with your brand for coming up with a highly useful gift like this while your message imprinted on this will get their undivided attention at all times!

Face Shield

Protect your frontline health workers  and staff members that come in direct contact with the public by handing out these protective face shields. These will keep them safe from elements   all the while highlighting your social commitment and responsibility towards your audience.

Offered in models for both kids and adults, face shields are one of the most effective safety promotional products that you can offer to your customers to show you care about their health.  Fog free and comfortable, these face shields are designed to be used for a long time at a stretch.

PPE Kids Face Shields

Zinc Alloy No Touch Tools

Germs are usually transmitted from common touch points and dirty surfaces like door handles or elevator buttons that a lot of people come in contact with. These no- touch tools will help your prospects to avoid these touch points even when they have to use these on a day to day basis. The ergonomic design of these tools makes it easy for your clients to push buttons, or open doors. The zinc alloy design makes it easy to clean.

Anti Germ Utility Tools

We have a lot more. Make sure to browse our complete line of personal safety giveaways to choose the most appropriate handout for your audience.