Custom Mints for Budget Friendly Marketing

Mints have always been the best way start a meeting or end a meal! Apart from being hunger busting, mints ensure fresh breath and a clean palate , much to the  delight of the recipients Individually wrapped custom  mints, ready to be popped in the mouth or slipped into the purse are a permanent feature at reception desks, lobbies, and customer service counters .

Custom Mints- You can’t beat these treats.

Everyone loves mints

Custom mints enjoy an incredible mass appeal and practical purpose, which makes it a hot favorite as personal favors and promotional gifts alike.   Offered in a wide range of interesting package options, you will indeed find something exceptional in custom mints

Starlite Breath Mints: These classic favorites in mints will highlight your logo and message more than ever! Ideal for making customers happy instantly in trade shows, reception areas in hotels, restaurants;

Plastic Paint Can Pail with Starlite Mints

Dice Signature Peppermint Tins  Packed in an interesting dice-shaped tin, these mints are ideal for social events of all kinds. As the tin has an interesting shape, it is sure that your customers will keep them even after the fillings are over.

Dice Signature Peppermint Tins

Cylinder Mint Case –  The flip-top lid and a compact clear case make it easy to take everywhere. Perfect size to fit in your pocket.

Cylinder Mint Cases

Wine Bottles with Signature Peppermints Mints in wine bottle will set recipients up with fresh breath and non-stop networking! The four color process laminated decal on each bottle will make your message stand out nicely.

Wine Bottles with Signature Peppermints

 Heart Acrylic Show Piece Starlite Mints:  Can there be a better way to tug the hearts of your audience than these starlite mints packed in an attractive hearts shaped container!
Heart Acrylic Show Piece Starlite Mints

Slider Tin with Printed Mints: This trendy slider tin filled with mints bearing your logo ensure  non-stop visibility.

Slider Tin with Printed Mints

Individually wrapped mints :  Easy to pop when lines are long and food is far, these delicious treats are great for conferences, church services, and waiting rooms.

Individually Wrapped Starlite Breath Mints

Branded Mints is the best way to tug the hearts through the taste buds! Make your clients feel welcome at your office, say thanks to the restaurant patrons or use it as a gift with purchase- mint gifts can be used in countless ways. Choose your favorite flavors and package and you are all set to spread your message far and wide.

Make sure to browse our exclusive section of custom mints to see what’s new in mints for serious freshness and fun!