Custom Madison Magnetic Flashlights- Product Video

Promotional flashlights make a highly functional item that will help your recipients go about their daily activities with ease. Everyone needs flashlights to feel safe and reassured in the dark and while navigating unfamiliar places. Be it at home, office or car, flashlights make a must-have emergency item. Durable and long-lasting, flashlights make value-added handouts during tradeshows and store openings that will light up your message easily.

Flashlights are versatile handouts that can be used to promote all types of brands and events. Budget-friendly and incredibly popular, imprinted flashlights will get your name in front of your clients thereby ensuring ample brand visibility. Anyone would love to have another flashlight for their home or office at any time! It is a rare gift that will enjoy a warm reception. Offered in various colors, models and materials, flashlights will literally put your brand under the spotlight.

Flashlights even make great party favors and personalized gifts during retirement parties, family reunions and more. We bet, these high utility gifts will become their personal favorites in no time and will ensure a special place for your message among the recipients.

The product that you just saw in the video
Madison Magnetic Flashlights (PI50453) featured in this video, feature a vinyl-covered slim body and a magnetic center that allows it to be stored on a refrigerator or other metal surfaces for easy access. Offered in different colors including Blue, Black, Red, Green and Orange color choices, these custom flashlights & maglites have a total size of 5″w x 1 1/2″h and 2 bright White LED lights and a handy wrist strap. The standard 2″w x 5/8’h imprint space in the front will make a great place for you to position your brand or message. These make great giveaways during camping trips, safety awareness campaigns and outdoor events. You have as many as 3 imprint colors to choose from; any of which would look great on these sleek flashlights!

Promotional The Madison Magnetic Flashlights

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