Custom Lunch Boxes-  Giveaways that Offer Food for Thought for your Audience

Planning to run a promotion that’s great for kids and kids at heart? You may need promotional swag that is a little something extra to appease the family audience, the busy officer goers and the finicky kids on your list. Branded Lunch Boxes make a great solution for you!


As health and wellness has become top priority for everyone in the new normal world, there cant be a better handout than custom lunch boxes. It will help your clients carry healthy, homely meals  and stay away from the calorie laden takeaways. Custom lunch boxes are great for everyone as these are something that will be forever needed. These promotional gifts offer a lot of interesting options to consider at every price rate as well.

Wheat lunch boxes

 Made from reclaimed wheat stalks, these  storage containers are recyclable and reusable. If you wish to highlight your ecofriendly profile of your business, look no further than these lunch boxes. Check out these models with a phone holder that will make it easy for the recipients to watch a movie  during lunch hours to make it more enjoyable.

Wheat Lunch Sets with Phone Holder

Standard Lunch Boxes

These lunch boxes are designed to carry lunch without spillage. The large flat surface area makes a great branding space for your message. Choose from various shapes, sizes and a great range of stock colors on demand!

Stacking Lunch Boxes

These lunch boxes are the kind that can be stacked inside one another for easy storage. Help your recipients save space in the already crowded cupboards at home with these compact lunch boxes with ample branding space. With so many surfaces you can really get creative and produce a design  that is loved by all!

Stackable Bento Lunch Sets

Compartment Lunch Boxes

Lunch boxes with internal compartments are useful to separate out lunch and make it more interesting especially for kids. Practical but simple, these space savers are available in various models and colors. Your message imprinted on these trendy lunch containers will offer a lot of food for thought for your audience.

Three Compartment Food Storage Bento Boxes

Insulated Lunch Box with Food Container made of double wall plastic feature an Insulated design and folding handles will warm up the audience with your message literally! These BPA free promotional products will get your message right into the hands of your audience and make a positive emotional connection with your brand.

Insulated Lunch Box with Food Container

Collapsible Food Bowls: Easy to store, carry and use, these  BPA free, microwave safe food bowls will retain freshness of food items. Available in various solid colors and two tone colors, these logo items make great handouts during food shows and food festivals.

Collapsible Food Bowls


Make sure to explore our complete line of custom lunch storage containers to choose the best and make your brand part of  the healthy lifestyle of your prospects