Custom Light Up Pens- The Best Gifts To Make Your Message Pop

Pens are one of the most popular marketing gifts alright. But if you have been using plain and ordinary pens since time immemorial, this blog post will give you some fresh ideas on the most trending models in custom pens doing the rounds. Innovative designs and add-on features make these custom pens a cut above the rest. Put your brand and message on these to not just grab easy attention but also to get people talk about you for a long time.

Light up pens

Get started with these best selling models that will give you fresh creative ideas.

Light Up Spinner Stylus Pens  These make exciting promotional products that can be used as pen, stylus, flashlight and also fidget spinner. When the users find their mundane tasks a little boring or strenuous, all they need to do is to enjoy a free spin of these custom pens to refresh their minds and to come back for more.  Offered in various color choices, these custom pens will make a highly functional item with a fun twist that nobody can resist.

Custom Printed Light Up Spinner Stylus Pens

Chamber Light Pens  These twist action writing pens with a translucent top barrel and clear bottom through which light will shine will grab easy attention of anyone who sees it. These make great tradeshow swag and goodie bag gifts.

Custom Printed Chamber Light Pens

Eleganti Flashlight Pens These pens with curvaceous silver barrel and chrome plated accents have bright LED lights that will enhance its utility and popularity.

5.75 Inch Promotional Eleganti Flashlight Pens

LED Light With Stylus Pen And Carabiner: You can make these multi-functional pens your marketing items to ensure the triple advantage of a LED Light, Stylus Pens and Carabiner. A perfect gift for promoting outdoor events and store promotions, these logo items will indeed put your brand under spotlight.

Promotional LED Light With Stylus Pen And Carabiner

Frog Light Fun Pens Looking for something funny to make your serious brand promotions look easy. Check out these cute  pens that feature  a translucent barrel, removable cap and a funny looking frog head on the top that can light up. Make these black ink medium point pens your custom gifts to grab easy attention.

Promotional Frog Light Fun Pens

Scripto Score 3 in 1 Ballpoint Stylus Light Pens  offer the additional advantage of a stylus and LED light, which will impress the users easily. Every time your recipients use it for writing on paper, on the smart phone screens or to light up their way, your message will get a lot of attention.

Promotional Scripto Score 3 in 1 Ballpoint Stylus Light Pens

Streetlight Pens Shaped like a street light, these 5-In-1 pens feature a stylus, phone stand, black ink twist action ballpoint pen, business card holder and LED flashlight, which make it a perfect addition to the work desks of your recipients. Your brand on these ABS plastic pens will get a lot of attention.

Promotional Streetlight Pens

Which of these custom pens are you planning to use as promotional items? Engage with a light hearted conversation with us by posting your thoughts in our facebook page.

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