Custom Lanyards Make A Great Item In Your Commercial Plan- Must Read

Custom lanyards may not tick the bills of conventional promotional items for most people! These are not just for tradeshows and business events but make a great item in any promotional plan. These are stylish, funny , long lasting and budget friendly too . Still on fence? Read on to know some of the important features of lanyards.


  1. Simplify Things

Lanyards ensure better coordination among departments in any company and make it easy to identify staff’s position. While it enables  the management to coordinate the work force and increase the efficiency of the team, employees will get a great opportunity to show their corporate pride. Lanyards thus work both ways. You can have different lanyards for different departments, which makes it easy to identify staff across various departments easily.

1 Inch Logo Imprinted Polyester Lanyards with 9 Colors

2.Convenient to carry things

Custom lanyards make a handy way to carry ID badges, pens or keys for most people though it is not the primary function of these. The more the utility more will be the chances for your brand to be seen by a wider audience. Choose from a range of convenient lanyards with different types of attachments that will serve the purpose the best way.

0.625 Inch Custom Printed Factory Direct Polyester Web Lanyards

3.Enjoy high brand visibility

These cords enhance the brand visibility of your business during events and tradeshows because the attendees will never fail to take note of your team in your corporate color. It will enhance the team spirit and brand loyalty among the employees and will turn them to be your biggest brand ambassadors. Customize lanyards with your message so that people will identify your brand easily and even be inspired to talk about you!

0.75 Inch Custom Printed Polyester Lanyards with 9 Colors

4.Make it unique

Custom lanyards can be imprinted with your brand, artwork or message to make it unique handouts that will leave a lasting impression among the attendees. The big plus- these make an extension of your company identity and it makes a great way to spread your message to a wider audience in a subtle and classic way without being intrusive.

Printed Dual Function Metal Badge Holders

5.These are great giveaways

Lanyards as giveaways might not ring a bell in most people. However these practical items not just make reminders of business events but make high utility accessories that can be used to carry keys, ID cards and more. It is a smart and meaningful handout that your recipients will find incredibly useful.

Utility Lanyard With Attachments

Did you find these reasons convincing enough to make lanyards your promotional items? Do share your ideas with us on our facebook page.