Custom keychains – open up your brand promotional realms with ease

Custom key chains make excellent promotional giveaways for advertisers on a small budget. Well suited to promote all types of events including product launches and trade shows, keychains are popular among customers of all age groups and types. Imprint your logo on these keychains to let your brand promotional campaign take its roots! These useful promotional giveaways would instantly leave your logos in the minds of your customers and every time they take out these keychains, your branding process gets reinforced without any extra effort. ProImprint has one of the most comprehensive collections of customizable keychains.

Personalized Whistle Compass Keychain Flashlight Orange

We have listed out a few custom keychains that come with the free rush offer for the marketers who are in a race against the clock to set off their promotional campaign.

Custom mini keychain lights stand out from the other regular flashlight options for their shiny plastic body. People never seem to get enough of these keychain lights that have been around since a long time. The old world charm of these mini keychain lights is undeniably its trump card and even today advertisers place their bets on these tiny flashlights to lure new customers. These make brilliant promotional gifts for tradeshows, safety events and other social occasions attended by a massive crowd.

Personalized Hard Hat LED Flashlight Keychain White

Personalized Whistle, Compass Keychain & Flashlight : A modest promotional budget need not dampen the spirit of your brand promotion, thanks to these value added whistle flashlights that would blow the trumpet of your brand on its own! This key light makes a multi utility tool with compass, whistle and lighting source, which makes it a value added keepsake for most people. This key light is made up of metallic aluminum body with carbiner and comes with button cell batteries and is offered in individual poly bags. Custom pocket whistle keychain flashlight can be handed out during safety shows, trade shows and other special events, which draw large crowds. The low sticker price makes it possible for the marketers to reach out to the masses with ease without leaving a hole in their pockets!

Customized Micro Aluminum LED Flashlight w/ Key Clip:The alluring charm of these trendy flashlight chains are well beyond the superlatives that any lexicon can offer! People on being handed out the custom micro aluminum LED light with key clip would be smitten by its charm and elegance in no time. This aluminum flashlight is a delight to the eyes of the beholder with its prefect metallic finish frame and extra bright white LED light, powered through button cell battery. Small and just a tad longer than the smaller finger, it can easily be slipped into pockets or purses, which in turn would ensure a readily accessible light source for the recipients. People when they use it as a keychain or a light is sure to attract the attention of the onlookers, which in turn would do a lot of good for your brand image. It makes a potent promotional giveaway for trade shows, seasonal business promotion, product launches etc.

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