Custom Inflatables – The Fun Way To Make Your Brand Part Of Your Customers’ Holidays

Do you think that the days of budget friendly yet effective advertising have become obsolete? If yes, think again! It is amazing to note the charm that these silly and low cost promotional gift items like custom inflatables enjoy even in today’s high tech era. Often a fun touch and a silly charm will go a long way in making your promotions steal worthy. Know more about these custom inflatables that will never fail to bring a wide grin on the face of your recipients.

Inflatables are pure fun and laughter!!

What Makes Inflatables A Perfect Outdoor Giveaway

The inflatable lounge chairs are a rage among holiday makers. These are great for pool parties, concerts and cross country road trips. What is so special about these business gifts is that these items will sneak in your brand in a subtle and discreet manner to your customers while they are having fun. Studies show that gift items that enhance the happy memories and fun will always be remembered well by the recipients.

A Summer season gift that Goes Everywhere

Portability is the key to a successful brand campaign. The more your custom gifts travel, the more will be your brand exposure. Made of durable materials like Vinyl, these light weight perches can be easily carried anywhere and can be set up easily. Just fill in with air and clip the ends together to make it a comfortable and eyecatching inflatable chair that will grab a lot of attention from the holiday crowd around. When inflated, this lounger becomes a portable bed, a comfortable chair or even a float in the pool.

Put Your Brand on a wide display

Inflatables are offered in a wide variety of solid colors and attractive tones that will easily turn heads. Put your brand on the massive imprint area of these inflatables to turn these into a high octane promotional item that will never fail to bring consistent impressions. These make perfect promotional gifts for Spring and summer promotions and your customers will appreciate your brand for having made their fun time and holidays extra special.

We at ProImprint have a lot of interesting inflatable models for you to consider. Check out these bright yellow smiley face Smiley Face Inflatable Chairs that will instantly put a smile on everyone’s face and make perfect items for promotional events such as tradeshows, fairs and outdoor events. These promotional items will not just make your recipients happy but will make them think about your brand even while they holiday! It makes a perfect outdoor giveaway for the beach or the pools or to watch the fireworks or enjoy family time in the patio or garden. Another interesting model in this category would be these Inflatable Highback Chairs that will make a great billboard for your brand during tradeshows and business events where you expect lots of visitors. Logo printed highback chair inflatables are ideal to promote furniture shops, luxury lifestyle stores, interior décor, real estate and any business that cares for the comfort of its users.

Custom Imprinted Smiley Face Inflatable Chairs

Not just inflatable chairs, we have a complete line of funny and goofy inflatable toys that will never fail to tickle your funny bones. Be it these cute inflatable frogs or the cheeky inflatable monkeys or the hilarious sports guys and more, we have something special for everyone. Everyone will love these Inflatable Pink Flamingo Beverage Coasters that will keep the beverages afloat in the pool during pool side parties. The promotional beverage inflatable coaster can hold 12 Oz can or stadium cup will ensure easy access to their beverages even when they are in the pool and will keep your brand right in front of their eyes.

Customized Floating Inflatable Pink Flamingo Beverage Coasters

These silly and hilarious custom gifts will instantly bring a smile to even the most discerning customers of yours and will highlight the fact that the most successful promotional items need not have the highest price tags! Which of these funny inflatables are you planning to employ in your business promotions? Tell us in the comments section and encourage others to join in this interesting conversation.

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