Custom Imprinted Lip Balm- Get Your Brand The Ultimate Word Of Mouth Publicity

Lip balm may be small and discreet, but they have high stakes as the big and mighty ones among marketing swag! They are portable and people love to carry it around and use it regularly to keep their lips refreshed and safe against the weather elements and your brand name will literally be on everyone’s lips. Lip balm is something that most people cannot do away with. Apart from keeping the lips well moisturized, these can reduce the risks of UV radiations as well.

Get The Best Word Of Mouth Publicity with Custom Lip Balms!

These customized lip balms that contain broad spectrum SPF 15 formula offers protection against UVA. Available in various popular flavors like vanilla, Peppermint, Natural, Bubblegum, Cherry, Citrus, Pina Colada, Spearmint, Strawberry and Tropical, these promotional lip balms are FDA approved and ensure total lip protection. It doesn’t matter whether you offer them as individual promotional gifts or include them within goodie bags or tradeshow swag bags with other promotional items, your recipients will accept them with a smile on their lips.Promotional Lip Gloss Balls - 6 Colors

Versatile and highly useful, custom lip balm can be used to promote all types of brands and businesses. These make perfect fund raising items and tradeshow handouts as well. People use it many times a day and every time they do so, they will be reminded of your brand and message. Imprint your brand name and message in full color on these promotional lip balm and see how it leaves a magical trail among your followers.

Fall is here and the winter season is not far away. So, if you are looking for holiday gift bag item for your employees or customers that won’t pinch your budget, look no further than custom lip balm. Promotional lip balm is perfect for promoting salons and beauty parlors. It can used by anyone without any gender or age caps. These are easy to carry around and will ensure more brand exposure than most products. Interestingly lipbalm in popular flavors gets shared among friends or family, thereby taking your brand on to a wider and new audience.

Show your customers that you appreciate their need and get them coming back by handing out custom lip balm that double up as business cards that help customers remember their information. In the competitive business world, where countless brand compete to outsmart each other it is very easy for a customer to take their business somewhere else. Personalized lip balm will make a great gift for everyone in your customer list and to build a long term business with your customers.
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