Custom Ice Scrapers- Simple Handouts For Winter Promotions

Winter is not far away; and now it is time to stock up on a custom ice scrapers, the good old seasonal promotional product for your winter marketing.

Budget friendly yet highly practical and incredibly valued, ice scrapers will get your brand right in the plain sight of the audience even in low visibility conditions where other promotional billboards fade into oblivion! Every time your clients or employees need to clean their car  or home windows, a reliable scraper means a lot.


Ice scraping can be boring and cumbersome and something that most people try to evade if there is a choice. But having a sturdy and hardworking ice scraper can change the situation drastically. it will help your recipients to make a great start during every frosty winter morning.

It is interesting that people adopt various innovative hacks to clear their frozen windows like credit cards, CDs, kitchen spatulas and even boiling water and alcohol to clear icy windscreen. Using anything other than a good ice scraper just won’t do the job quickly and could even damage the glass. It shows how important custom ice scrapers can ever be as freebies. Nobody will ever resist it!


Ice scrapers are classic winter swag that can be used to promote every event and brand. These will complement any branding theme and best of all wont look out of place anywhere, anytime.

Something special for everyone!

Custom ice scrapers  are available in various models including pint sized  credit card shaped ice scrapers to massive telescopic handle ice scrapers and everything in between. Choose a model that ensures maximum scraping along with a dramatic display for your brand.

Here are some popular models that will make a great addition to your outdoor promotional swag

Deluxe Ice Scrapers with Snow Brush : Ideal for any home, office or vehicle, these ice scrapers have strong co-polyester blade that are built to last. Offered in a wide range of brilliant colors, it has a generous imprint space for you to place your logo and artwork as well. Stay front and center of your audience even in less than ideal weather conditions with these high utility custom giveaways.

Gripper Ice Scraper: Made of sturdy plastic, these ice scrapers have a comfortable, anti-slip rubber grip to make it easy to use. Available in various color choices, these winter staples can be easily matched with your color theme. Ideal as both gift bags items and individual gifts during in-store promotions.

Visor Clip Ice Scrapers : Made of super strong co-polyester material, these visors have 9″ x 3″ wide blade. These make excellent giveaways especially for car dealers, ice removal services and AC/Heater repair services and the like.

Need more? Browse our collection to choose a model that will match your needs and budget!