Custom Hot And Cold Packs – Lessen The Pain Of Your Recipients And Your Marketing

Custom hot and cold packs make great handouts especially for the outdoor season of fall, which takes credit to a lot of concerts, sports events and adventure activities. Everyone needs these custom items, in their first aid boxes and grooming kits to take care of the muscle cramps and aches that can pop up any time. Hot and cold packs can be used to promote all types of brands and make great handouts during health awareness events and tradeshows. Everyone will need these but often forget to buy one for themselves.

Custom Hot And Cold Packs

These hardworking promotional items will never shy away from putting your brand under spotlight. Apart from being a useful first aid product that everyone should have in hand, these logo items will make a highly visible promotional item that will get your message out to your audience. Personalize these with your logo, artwork or message to make sure that your recipients get solace in your brand even at their times of distress. Studies show that functional items that people use daily have a better promotional power than pure novelty items.

Custom hot and cold packs are easy to use; warm it up in microwave or make it chilled by putting in freezer as per the needs. These logo items provide quick relief and will keep your brand in front of the audience while bringing relief to their discomfort. Non toxic and long lasting, hot or cold packs are offered in a range of interesting shapes like heart shape or apple shape among countless others. Choose a model that complements your promotional theme and see how these logo items will enhance your brand recall. The best part is that these daily use items will trigger word of mouth publicity as well.

Though custom hot or cold packs are great for all types of events, these make exceptionally good choices for health and wellness trade shows and doctor’s offices. Apart from being a handy first aid kit, these double up as your business cards that will keep reminding your customers about your business. If you are looking for a perfect handout for all the active and outdoorsy people out there this season, look no further than these custom hot or cold packs.

Next time when someone is down with a sore knee or sprained ankle, your brand will come to their aid quite literally! Get started with these popular promotional handouts from ProImprint and wipe off your promotional woes as well.

Penguin Shaped Gel Hot and Cold Packs: These penguin shaped hot and cold packs are reusable, pliable and non-toxic and include interior gel beads that can remain hot or cold to soothe pains and aches. Nobody can resist these quirky shaped hot or cold packs for sure.

Personalized Penguin Shaped Gel Hot and Cold Packs

Plush Hot and Cold Eye Masks: These hot and cold eye masks will offer relief from sore and puffy eyes and are Safety tested for FDA, CPSIA and TRA. These reusable masks are freezer or microwave safe and make great handouts to put your brand right in front of the eyes!

Custom Printed Plush Hot and Cold Eye Masks

Baseball Shaped Hot / Cold Packs: Can there be a better gift item than these logo items to celebrate the baseball season and the long game hours of your recipients? Keep them cool and refreshed all day through with these hot or cold packs that are safety tested for CPSIA, FDA and TRA.

Custom Printed Baseball Shaped Hot / Cold Packs

Reusable Apple Shaped Hot / Cold Gel Packs: An apple a day might keep the doctor away; but these apple shaped hot or cold packs will keep your recipients happy and comfortable all through. These make great handouts to health tradeshows and events. Hand these out and see how quickly your brand will become their favorite!

Promotional Reusable Apple Shaped Hot / Cold Gel Packs

How do you rate the promotional potential of custom hot/ cold packs? Share your thoughts with us at the comments section.

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