Custom Hoodies – Versatile Handouts For All Industries

There cant be a better apparel choice than hoodies when the cold weather starts to bite. Not just during winter, but even in spring or summer, hoodies fashion trends make a habitual come back much to the delight of the outdoorsy crowd.

Here are some solid reasons why marketers will find custom hoodies a great branded merchandise in 2021.


Hoodies are versatile and popular apparel choices for sports teams, schools, corporate businesses,  influencer teams, and more. What makes hoodies so different from other clothing items is its seamless versatility that will make sure that hoodies never look out of place. Whether you wear it as a loungewear at home, a gym apparel or for a casual day out with friends, these will look good on everyone.

Custom Males Garner Knit Full Zip Hoodies

The large imprint area on both front and back will get your message out loud and clear to the  wearers and passers-by alike. Long lasting and well retained hoodies make a must have in any four season wardrobes.

Hoodies are available in a wide range of trendy models. A zip-up hoodie features a large zipper running down the front, from top to bottom whereas a pullover hoodie has to be pulled over the head.  Though zip up hoodies are easier to wear from a promotional angle pull over hoodies are a better choice as these have a vast imprint area that is unbroken by the zipper as in zip up hoodies.

Women’s Creston Roots73 Fleece Hoodies

Here are some creative options to incorporate hoodies in your promotional plan!

As handouts for couples during Valentine ’s Day

February is definitely the month of love. Marketers planning some spectacular Valentine’s Day promotions will find custom hoodies a perfect choice for couples. Restaurants, bars or fashion stores can think of this value added gift that is wee bit different than the customary heart and red themed gifts of the day.

Customize hoodies with taglines or couple quotes to make it more interesting and memorable. Many couples may have fond memories of restaurants or bars they’ve been together and these stylish unisex merchandise of custom hoodies will make long lasting reminders.

UltraClub Adult Cool and Dry Sport Hooded Fleece

As corporate uniform items

Custom hoodies make great corporate uniform items during winter and fall. Choose hoodies in your corporate colors for the best impact, customize it with your logo and message and make your team stand out in style – both at office and during business events and trade shows.

Planning to promote your sports club? Custom hoodies will win hands down as promotional handouts for the team . Order in bulk to get the best price advantage and make imprinted hoodies the focus of your next marketing campaign in 2021

 Gildan Adult Heavy Blend Hooded Sweatshirts

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