Custom Healthcare Products For National Handwashing Week

Relevance of awareness events like National hand washing week is more than ever in 2020 post pandemic. People are more aware of personal wellness and hygiene and make sure to stick to the safety guidelines.


Germs are everywhere and are seen even in the most unlikely of places! So, the probability of coming in contact with the germs is pretty high in every day life; and the best way to stay safe will be to ensure hand hygiene to stop spreading the germs. Reports show that washing hands with clean running water and soap  or using hand sanitizer several times a day can drastically reduce the chances of infections

Hand washing with soap and water can reduce diarrhea associated deaths by up to 50%

Every year, National Hand washing Week is celebrated  from December 1-7 to spread awareness about personal hygiene. Businesses planning to spread awareness among their clients and customers will find the following promotional healthcare items appropriate.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are proven way to ensure hand hygiene while on the move and when soap and water may not be available. These handy and pocket friendly sanitizers can easily fit in a pocket or purse, making it easy for the recipients to carry it wherever they go.

Pen Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer spray pens are convenient to use and will prevent wastage. Budget friendly and portable, these are well suited for  your employees and clients. Your logo and message imprinted on these will get a lot of attention and appreciation.

0.27 Oz Hand Sanitizer Sprays

1 Oz Hand Sanitizer Gels: The 75% alcohol formula of these gel sanitizers will make it  effective in eliminating 99.9% of germs. instant, wash- free sanitizer; great for home, office or on the move. Packed in sleek, travel size, clear bottles, easy to carry in first aid kits, bags or purses; perfect handouts for your clients and employees.

1 Oz Hand Sanitizer Gels

2 Oz Hand Sanitizers with Carabiner: Make sure that your recipients never fail to carry their sanitizers wherever they go by handing out these handy sanitizers with carabiner; easy to attach it to belts and bag straps and carry it wherever they go!

Wet Wipes

A handy way to keep hands clean, custom wet wipes are easy to carry and pack in bags or purses. These are available in various models including wipes that contain alcohol or that are alcohol free. Offered in various package options, wet wipes make great handouts for schools and offices.

10 Piece Sanitizer Wet Wipes In Re-Sealable Pouch

 No touch tools

Though it  has nothing to do with hand washing, no- touch tools can still help to keep the hands clean and germ free. It is a smart way to carry out many daily tasks like pressing elevator buttons or ATM pads without having to use hands and getting exposed to touch points. Choose from a wide enrage of models that can be customized with your logo and message.

 Printed Brass No-Touch Protection Tools

These healthcare promotional items are some of the many options on offer to keep your recipients safe and highlight your social commitment towards a healthy society . Browse our collection to choose logo items that match your budget.