Custom Hand Sanitizers – The Proven Arsenal Against germs and Infection

As the Covid-19 curve is considerably flattened, public places start to reopen and life limps back to near normal. However, certain things like hand sanitizers have already become part of our lives and will continue to be so in the days ahead. It is a life style change that everyone has to adopt.

The pandemic has taught us and reminded us how important it is to keep our hands clean. Since soap and water and hand washing stations aren’t always accessible, the best alternative is alcohol-based hand sanitizer.


Everyone needs hand sanitizers especially when they are in public places, work stations, public transport, gym or parks among others. It will reduce the risk of contracting germs through filthy touch points at common areas and prevent the chances of germs getting into mouth or nose.

A Must-Have for All Desks

In the event of businesses notching up their sanitation levels, hand sanitizers will have a prominent place in work places and desks. Custom hand sanitizers make great handouts for businesses to reach out to their customers and clients. Show that you care for the wellness of your recipients with custom hand sanitizers. Every time they scrub up, your brand gets their attention. Offered in various models and sizes, custom hand sanitizers make versatile handouts to promote banks, law firms or salons among others.

Apart from normal size bottles, small and travel size containers that fit into the purse or glove compartment are also available.   Sanitizers are also available in jumbo bottles like 64 oz premier pure hand sanitizers  that can be refilled in smaller individual bottles.

Carabiner hand sanitizers are great options for people on the move as these can be clipped to their bag or belt loop so that they will have their sanitizers wherever they go!

1 Oz Hand Sanitizer With Carabiner

Here are some places where hand sanitizers are highly essential

Public Transportation

Cost effective and reliable, public transportation plays a crucial role in making commute easy for the general public. However, it isn’t the cleanest way to go around. Ticket machines, handrails, filthy doors and subway seats can all be harbingers of germs. Thus public transport is a great place for custom hand sanitizers to make brand impressions while the prospects stay safe.

Guardian 1 Oz Hand Sanitizers


Gyms were the first to down the shutters during the pandemic and the last to open. This shows the high risk factor associated with fitness centers and gyms where people gather in large numbers. Sweat, grim and the exercise equipment used by various people from dawn to dusk- not to mention the doors, sinks, and restrooms your clients will probably use- there are a lot of touch points . Having hand sanitizer in the gym bag of your recipients will not just make them stay safe but brand loyal as well.

10 ml Promotional Hand Sanitizer Spray Pens

Work places

Whether it is elevator buttons, doorknobs, coffee machines or more, there are a lot of public areas and touch points through which germs can spread. Set up a sanitation station at the front desk and leave a few sanitizers in the breakrooms and bathrooms to keep your team safe. Your employees won’t stop thanking you for this thoughtful gesture.

Cozy Clip Moisture Bead Hand Sanitizer - 12 Colors

 The ATM

ATMs have simplified cash transactions to a great extent and luckily these handy machines are everywhere. However the keypads could be a hot spot for germs. Just think how many people use those machines on a daily basis. Branded hand sanitizer is the best choice here.

8.5 Oz Pump-Action Hand Sanitizers with Vitamin E

Your customers will easily appreciate having hand sanitizer that help them stay safe from germs as they go about their daily errands.  As people find hand sanitizers in short supply, getting some custom imprinted sanitizers delivered to your prospects is the best way to get attention. Your full color logo imprinted on these will make countless impressions – every single day. Shop now!