Custom  Hand Sanitizer Giveaways – Safety First!

Put your customer’s minds at ease and help them stay safe in these trying times of Covid-19  crisis with appropriate handouts. When health and personal hygiene has become the foremost cause of concern, giveaways like hand sanitizers make a sensible choice for marketers to show that they care.


Defining Hand Sanitizers

According to the FDA, any hand sanitizer should have at least 60% ethyl alcohol to be considered an antiseptic.

Limitless options

Offered in various forms like gel, wipes or spray, hand sanitizers make a convenient way to remain safe from germs while on the move or when there is no access to soap and water for cleaning hands thoroughly.

The gel-based hand sanitizer is probably the most common. Spray or wipes are equally as effective, and dries faster than gel. Though health care industries use hand sanitizers the most, all types of businesses can effectively use these top promotional items especially during cold and flu season

How you want to use sanitizers

While considering custom hand sanitizers as giveaways you should consider a few facts like how you want to give these wellness items out and how you want these to get used. Wish to put out a bowl of hand sanitizers at your front desk? If yes, consider sanitizer gel packets.

Want these giveaways to travel with customers? Carabiner hand sanitizer will be a great choice. So, consider the nature of your target audience and your mode of distribution to choose a model that suits the best.

Printed Sanitizer Gel Packets

Here are a few models to help you get started

Hand Sanitizer Spray

Easy to use among multiple users, and quick to dry, Hand Sanitizer Spray makes a great promotional item for daycare centers, schools, offices etc as it not messy. You can also avoid wastage and contamination by using sprays.

10 ml Promotional Hand Sanitizer Spray Pens

Hand Sanitizer Gel

0.5 Oz Hand sanitizer gel is designed to conveniently carry in bags, purses, or even pockets, these make a great handout during events and conventions. Pass these out and get people talk about your brand!

Printed Hand Sanitizer Gels

Hand Sanitizer Carabiner Keychain

Great for travelers, custom carabiner hand sanitizers can be carried on keys, bags, or purses for easy access. FDA approved, lightly scented, can destroy 99.9% bacteria.  Your logo will get maximum visibility and portability on these logo items.

1.8 Oz Hand Sanitizer with Carabiners

Large Hand Sanitizer Bottle

3 Oz Fashion Bottle Hand Sanitizers will make sure that your recipients will never run out of sanitizers! It offers more sanitizer and ensures more brand visibility as well; great for friends groups, families, picnic groups and more. Packed in a clear, trendy bottle, these sanitizers are perfect for airplanes as well. Small enough for travel yet big enough for a long term use, these are great handouts for hotels, cruises, and swag bags.

3 Oz Fashion Bottle Hand Sanitizers

Sanitizer wipes

Individual Sanitizer Wipes In Sealed Pack make great handouts during mass events like trade shows or mailer campaigns; these can also be kept at a bowl at your reception counter for visitors. It is a clean and hassle free way to stay germ free while at work or on the go! There are also various handy models in packets.

10 Pack Sanitizer Wipes in Sealed Packs

We have a lot more models in hand sanitizers that instill a sense of security and wellness in the minds of your recipients. Bring comfort to the clients and help them remember your brand!