Custom Golf products – Subtle Promotional items without A Sales Pitch

Often the most successful branding campaign is subtle, laid back and free of heavy marketing overtones. However, choosing custom gift of that genre might be easier said than done. This is what makes golf accessories a great choice. The best part- golf accessories are on trend, unique and interesting. If you are looking for some gift that are refreshingly different from the run of the mill stuff,  look no further than these items.


Golf products as promotional gifts enjoy high retention among anyone who loves golf as they can use it for a long time.  Golf is a very popular sport that enjoys fan following all over the world especially in the US, which means there are a lot of eyeballs attached to this sport. By getting your brand and message imprinted on these logo items, you can turn the popularity of the game in your favor.

Golfing items are available in all possible price rates that make it easy for marketers to choose something that fits their budget.  From large golf bags and umbrellas to pint sized divot tools and ball markers, you have a lot of options to explore.


One of the best golf accessories available, golf umbrellas will put your brand on a 360-degree display not just in the golf greens but outside as well.  The massive canopy of golf umbrellas will make it a great canvas for you to highlight your brand, message, witty taglines, jokes or in fact anything that you wish to share with your audience. Anything imprinted on these will pique the interest of the audience easily and will make a unique reminder of your company wherever they go. While golf umbrellas protect the players and the caddie from rain, your brand on it gets more coverage. Win- win

60 Inch Arc Custom Printed Logo Umbrellas

Golf balls

To make a perfect shot you need a fine quality golf ball.  Choose from various brands and price points to match your theme. These make great promotional items for golf outings since anyone who plays golf will always appreciate extra balls. Your brand imprinted on these will get a high visibility for sure.

Custom Printed Golf Ball Shaped Stress Balls


A branded piece of apparels like golf T shirts or polo shirts will make a stylish addition to any golfer wardrobe. Offered in a range of material fabric and price rates, golf apparels will make a great advertisement for your company and your brand. The big plus- any avid golfer will love to show off his passion for this game by wearing these trendy outfits during weekend picnics and beach fun as well. So, your brand will get a wide angle display beyond the greens!

Promotional Woman's Puma Golf Essential Polo

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