Custom Gifts To Start The New Year Promotions On A Sound Note!

New Year ushers in new hopes, beginnings and goals for everyone including marketers. It will be a perfect time for them  to raise the benchmark, better their own achievement records and be more popular among their audience. Custom gifts will go that extra stride in making an ordinary promotional campaign into something extraordinary.

Duffle gift box

So, what to shop in custom gifts? Spare a thought at forking out gifts that hold a special value or convey a social message.

Fitness and Outdoor Gear

Inspire your audience to lead an active life in 2020 by handing out outdoor gear or fitness items. This will bring out the wanderlust in them and motivate the lazy bones around to pull themselves out of the couch! These custom gifts will help you get fit and have tons of outdoor fun. Your message imprinted on these everyday items will easily win over a crowd.

Pedometers will make a great way for your prospects to make more strides and to stick to their fitness schedules.

Clip-On Pedometers

Raindance Water Resistant Coated Tote Bags will make great grab-on-the-go totes during outdoor jaunts and explorations.
Raindance Water Resistant Coated Tote Bags

Winter camping has a special charm about it. Maglites and waterproof flashlights are some of the best gift suggestions. Your message imprinted on these items will get a lot of curious eyeballs outdoors.

Waterproof Flashlights

Budget Duffel Bags that are offered in various color choices will make your brand pop and make a great one-of-a-kind holiday giveaway item for road trips and outdoor fun.

Imprinted Budget Duffel Bags

Healthy and homely food

As per 2019 figures, more than one-third (36.5%) of U.S. adults aged 20 and older and 17% of children and adolescents aged 2–19 years are obese. This startling fact highlights the importance to be health conscious and keep away from the calorie laden junk food. Inspire your prospects to bring their lunch with them by handing out custom lunch bags and storage containers. It will help your recipients to eat food and save on takeaways. Lunch promotional swag is a rage these days for this reason.

These insulated Two-Tone Insulated Lunch Bags are convenient to take lunch to office, during road trips or tail gating parties and game days. Made of 210D polyester, these bags consists of 2 separate insulated-zippered upper and lower compartments.  It is available in multiple color choices.

Two-Tone Insulated Lunch Bags

3-Section lunch containers is another cool and cheap choice. Ideal for employees or patrons, these dishwasher and microwave safe containers include a fork and plastic knife inside the secure lid compartment. We bet, your message on these will make a great conversation topic around lunch tables!
Printed 3-Section Lunch Containers

Need more? Browse our exhaustive collection of custom gifts that make lives easier and help your prospects to make a positive change in their life. Happy shopping!