Custom Gifts To Cater To The Baking Hobby Of Your Recipients During Quarantine

During the pandemic when the world outside got shut down, most people turned to their hobbies. Baking is a great hobby for the wannabe Gordon Ramsays and the novices who cannot make out the difference between simmer and sautéing. No matter how  your customers go about it,  they are likely to spend lots of time in the kitchen to keep themselves busy and to keep themselves sane during the pandemic!

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 With more time at home,  people are exploring their various skills like cooking and baking more than ever. With so many cooking shows on telly, it’s hard not to get inspired and come out with something delicious to impress the family. With cooking and baking hobbies on the rise, it is a great time for businesses to use custom  kitchen accessories  as  promotional tools to promote their logo.

Here are some kitchenware products that will get your brand into clients’ homes.

Kitchen Utensils

From everyday classic utensils  to the new trending items and everything in between, kitchenware products offer a variety of ways to promote your brand. Choose from a range of useful items like custom whisks, measuring spoons and oven mitts among others, all of which can be customized with your brand and message to make it stay in plain view of your audience. These practical giveaways get used  regularly , which in turn will enhance the brand visibility and popularity of your brand.


Great for cooking classes, chefs at restaurants or even homes, aprons are a necessary item in a well appointed kitchen. While it helps your prospects to keep stains and spills at bay, your brand imprinted on these will enjoy a wide angle display. Choose from various models and colors.

Printed Aprons with Pocket and Adjustable Neck Clasp

Chip clips

 Your recipients will have a handy way to keep the left over spices, condiments  and  preservatives neatly sealed  and fresh with these chip clips. It is a timeless and budget friendly custom gift for all who snack. Plus, these are highly convenient. Choose from a wide range of colors, we bet your brand imprinted on these will get a lot of attention.

4 Inch Promotional Logo Bag Clips - Chip Clips Holders

Jar Openers

Get your logo into your customers hands literally with  these high utility items of jar openers. These are often taken for granted and most kitchens may lack it as most of us will not think of an opener until we are stumped by a sturdy  jar top that won’t budge easily!

Round Rubber Jar Opener

Cutting Boards

Ask anyone who does cooking on a daily basis- the most difficult task is to  sort the chopping and cutting tasks. Cutting boards thus make a classic hand out for your customers as thy will use these again and again, which will  draw them closer to your message. Choose from various models like bamboo cutting boards that will match with every kitchen décor and add a retro twist to the kitchen spaces. These are available in a variety of price points, so you can find the perfect cutting board for your budget.

Bamboo Cutting Boards with Knife

Browse our full selection of kitchenware items to choose a model that matches your budget. Should you need more tips or assistance, our product experts are only a call away.