Custom Gifts For All The Food , Fun And Unusual Events In October

The month of October is probably the best one for all the foodies and fun loving people out there as it has a lineup of some really interesting food and fun events.

October is the National Pizza Month when all the Americans will enthusiastically celebrate the popularity of pizza, which enjoys the credit of being the most popular snack in USA. Pizzerias and restaurants will come up with interesting promotional gifts, special offers and discounts to woo the pizza lovers to their shops. We at ProImprint too have put out a list of some of the most apt gifts for the occasion

Promotional Pizza Cutter With Bottle Openers

Promotional pizza cutter with bottle openers are perfect to promote your pizza business because everyone loves pizza and they would love this item, too. BPA free and FDA compliant, this logo gift will be well received and retained by everyone and every time they use these pizza cutters, they will be reminded of your logo. It makes a perfect gift to promote pizza delivery services, hotels and community events.

Promotional Logo Pizza Stress Relievers are as popular as their edible counterparts! These pizza shaped stress relievers will keep your recipients happy and stress free at all times. Everyone will thank your logo for having gifted them their favorite snack in the form of a stress buster!

Customized Ceramic Blade Peeler

October is also National Vegetarian Month: Encourage your patrons to adopt a healthy and well balanced diet plan with loads of vegetables. Customized Ceramic Blade Peeler will make cutting and peeling vegetables as easy as never before and your logo on these will enjoy a wide display too.Promotional Logo Vegetables coloring books are adorable gift items to make the kids aware of the benefits of a vegetarian diet. In a society where the risks of obesity and junk food habits are high, these logo gifts will make one of the most appropriate hand outs.

October is celebrated as National Popcorn Popping Month: Every year Americans consume 16 billion quarts of popped popcorn! It is not all, most of the popcorn consumed all over the world is grown in this country! One of the most wholesome and cost effective foods available, popcorn makes a delightful snack for kids and kids at heart alike. Custom imprinted popcorn box will make a perfect hand out during tradeshows, fun events and for mailer campaigns this month. Afterall, who doesn’t like to pop the corn during their leisure and movie hours?

Did you know that October is Sarcastic Month? Being funny is acceptable always and there can’t be a better time to be witty and sarcastic than in October, the National sarcastic month! Encourage your customers to laugh and tickle their funny bones with our funny promotional gifts like the custom logo laughing pens or the big mouth stress relievers that will leave them in splits!

Business promotions need not always be serious and stressful. Hand out these fun promotional items and get your customers engaged with your logo in a light hearted manner!

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