Custom Gift Ideas For Virtual Coffee Meetings

Coffee meeting is a smart way to reach out to new people, to network, swap advice and reinforce relations.  Coffee meetings are not all about discussing things with someone you don’t know,  but it is a great way to have team meetings, employee orientations and other such events over a cup of coffee in a casual setting – away from the formal board rooms!


In the present context when so many employees are working remotely, organizations will find virtual coffee meetings a great way to discuss things or brain storm. Whether it is a client meeting or a team meeting, sending out coffee themed swag will make a great way to please the participants and build up a buzz.

Here are some of our favorite coffee swag items that your teams or customers are sure to love.

JaElope Instant Coffee Packs

It takes a lot to brew a perfect cup of coffee!

Consider gifts that can help people brew tasty coffee. Whether it is coffee beans and storage canisters or more, you will find something special for every coffee lover here.

Custom Coffee Mugs

Ceramic coffee mugs are value added gifts that nobody can resist. Offered in various styles and materials, these will keep your message right in top visibility among your audience. One of our personal favorites are the campfire mugs that will look good along the campfire and on the tea table at homes. The speckled design and the brilliant colors will make these ceramic mugs a visual delight and irresistible collectibles. Your logo and message on it will only make it more interesting!

Tall Campfire Ceramic Mugs

Coffee  is not always enjoyed at home; any time is coffee time for most of us and that happens even while on the move! That is why travel tumblers are a great option. The insulated design of these drinkware items that keep your drinks hot for hours are ideal for taking on-the-go.

16 Oz Carmel Travel Tumblers

Want to take your coffee gifts to the next level?  Why not create a custom coffee themed gift box with any of these items and send directly to their door. It will make great gifts for a coffee chat  for all the coffee lovers on your team.

0.75 Oz Ground Coffee Bags

Whether you want to engage your remote team, boost their morale or reach out to your clients whom you haven’t seen for a while, coffee swag is a superb choice. You can even engage the new prospects  with your brand over a cup of coffee by hosting a virtual coffee meeting. Till you can visit your favorite café for the real coffee meetings, it will make  a smart alternative to keep the leads warm and  ensure better conversion.

4 Oz Ground Coffee Bags

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