Custom Gift Ideas for the Great outdoors

Spring season is the time for most people to celebrate the great outdoors and indulge in their favorite activities. For marketers too, it is indeed a great time to invest in outdoor promotional giveaways that will enhance their outdoor fun.

Here is a quick grab of some custom giveaways that are likely to be trending this season. Impress your clients and employees and make your brand part of their outdoor life with these handouts.


Branded aprons will go a long way in making your brand the most talked about!  Your recipients will definitely find it useful for cook out parties and BBQ  fun. Plus, these are great for any type of activity like gardening and other DIY tasks. It also means that your message will get decent exposure in different settings. and your audience will indeed find it useful.

Cooling towels

Let your recipients get ready for those sweat bulleting beach fun or biking trips and still stay fresh as lily! Cooling towels are quick drying and  highly absorbent; and will  keep the users chilled and fresh even on a sweltering  day. Moreover, you can choose from a wide range of models and price rates.


A pair of stylish sunglasses will easily impress everyone who is in a mood to get dressed to kill. Choose from a wide range of UV resistant sunglasses in  a palette of frames and even lens colors; that will complement the spring color apparels of your clients and employees. Budget friendly and incredibly popular, sunglasses are hard to overlook for sure.


 The most popular in custom giveaways, custom apparels  will obviously remain top favorites  this season as well. Choose form a wide range of choices including T shirts, or hoodies to match the needs of your audience. Besides, you can even pair it with stylish accessories like scarves or bandanas to ensure better value for your audience. It will also ensure more brand visibility for your business.

Car fresheners

For those who have an adventurous spirit  and a flair for those long road trips, car fresheners will especially make great handouts. Promote your band and make your message linger fresh in the minds just like the pleasant aroma emitted by these car accessories. In addition, your logo will get a lot of curious eyeballs, every time your recipients plan family trips and group holidays.

Insulated water bottles

Inspire your active audience group to work out more while staying well hydrated. Custom water bottles are  well retained giveaways that will ensure consistent brand impressions. Furthermore, make use of the high utility value of these drinkware items to ensure a refreshing brand promotion.

So, which of these outdoor promotional items piqued your interest or made your entrepreneurial spirit warm? Share your ideas with us on our facebook page.