Gift Bundles For Every Type of Employee

If you wish to enhance the value of your holiday gifts to your employees, nothing can match the charm of combo gifts.

You can bundle up custom giveaways that will complement the specific tastes, and life styles of your audience to make it more relevant.

Here are some ideas that will help you start on a sure footing.

Office Gifts

Choose gift items that are useful and trendy alike. Some of the items that can go into the gift bag include pens, notepads and tech accessories that they need, to work remotely. Powerbanks and wireless earbuds will help employees to be always ready to go between work, holiday gatherings, family events, during the busy holiday season.

The cozy gifts

Cozy, relaxation gifts that will ensure some serious recharging time for your team is another fabulous choice. From scented candles to massagers, you can choose from a wide range of options. A comfy pair of socks, or warm beanies will perfectly fit the winter theme of your promotions. These gifts will indeed  motivate them while showing your appreciation.

The best part is that you can even consider a bit of an upgrade without spending a fortune. Why not opt for the luxurious versions of the same products. For instance, you can choose chocolate gift boxes instead of candies, to make it more interesting and value added.

Combo gifts for sociable employees

Are you planning to reach out to the social butterflies in your organization? Choose shatterproof wine glasses as the primary gift. Other giveaways can include cutting boards, mitts, storage containers etc that will come handy during their parties.

Family Gift bundles

If your employees have kids and families, then your gift bundle should ideally include gifts that everyone will love. Set up a gift bundle that offers something special for the whole family. It will surely create a perfect gift experience. For instance you can choose popcorn packs for movie night, tickets to a screening in the park or picnic bags for the perfect family gathering!

Custom games or custom wireless speakers are also great gift ideas that will keep the fun pitch on. These well retained handouts will make the perfect gift for any family audience,No matter your audience type, there is a combo gift for everyone!

When in doubt, all you need to do is reach out to our product experts who will help you choose the best gifts. Happy shopping!