Custom Fun Gifts That Bring Out The Kid In Your Customers

Business promotions need not be all about pent-up board rooms, crazy brain storming sessions and white boards. Often adding a fun element to your promotions can make a surprisingly positive effect on the outcome of your promotions. At times, people love to let go of their serious grown-up persona, have fun and to celebrate the inner child to engage in activities that will bring out the kid in you.

Bring Out The Kid In Your Customers!!!

Check out these custom fun toys that will bring back the nostalgic memories of childhood and fun in your audience. Be it as team spirit items, raffle gifts or store promotional gifts, your recipients will surely love these fun gifts in any form. The rough and tumble of daily life will often make us forget about the lighter side of life and the amazing beauty that it holds. You will be surprised how these silly custom toys that are cheap as chips will make effective billboards that scream out your message to anyone who sees these for a very long time.

Custom Printed Frugal Frog Banks

Here are some latest additions to our impressive line-up of promotional gifts that will never fail to bring a wide grin on the faces of your audience.

Flying Mooing Cows

These adorable plush toys can be shot across the room and see how it moos back at you. Be it as a great tradeshow gift, a fun fair prize or simply a great alternative for pillow fight fun- nobody can resist these toys for sure as well. Personalize these Custom Printed Flying Mooing Cows with your brand and message to ensure a wide angle display and loads of admiration at easy rates.

Custom Printed Flying Mooing Cows

Flying Oinking Pigs will be a smart option for marketers who are more a game for flying pigs rather than cows! Take a break from work , please your tradeshow attendees or keep the career aspirants at their witty best during fairs- no matter what you choose to do with these hilarious toys, these cute pigs will surely leave you pleased. Fling like a slingshot and enjoy the fun as it emits a oinking sound that will make everyone take note of this cute buddy as your brand gets all the attention.

Custom Imprinted Flying Oinking Pigs

Mini kites

Check out these colorful nylon mini kites that fold up for storage in a plastic case. This fun toy will surely tug the hearts of both kids and kids at hearts! Personalize these with your message and let your brand popularity soar!

Custom Imprinted Mini Kite In A Case

Sticky Hands

This goofy handout of sticky hands will make your recipients laugh their lungs out and will put your brand part of their light hearted moments. The sticky hand measures 10″ and stretches to over 6 feet long! It comes packed inside a case. Offered in a palette of colors, these can be customized with your brand and message to steal the limelight during tradeshows or events.

Promotional Sticky Hands In Case

We have a lot more of such cute fun toys in stock at ProImprint. If you are ready for a guffaw filled promotional campaign your time starts now!

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