Custom Frisbees And Sports Balls- Summer Promotions Can’t Get Any Better!

Summer is only a few weeks away and spring is at its pretty best and quite rightly, outdoor games like Frisbees are getting popular by the day.  Businesses looking for popular custom gifts with a high retention can place their bets on outdoor favorites like frisbees and sports balls. Offered in a range of colors and patterns, these logo items will keep your message well displayed all through the season and even beyond.

Frisbees And Sports Balls

Custom gifts like sports balls and Frisbees are both played outside and can be played by everyone. It is a great group game, a family fun game and a team building activity all at once. Did you know that custom sports balls and frisbees will make great fund-raising items as well to promote booster clubs and local schools among others? No matter how you wish to utilize these logo items, custom balls will make high potential promotional items that nobody can resist.

Customize these attractive custom gifts with your message and brand to sneak in your message into the hands of your recipients in a fun way. These recyclable logo items are excellent choices for green themed promotions as well. The generous imprint area will make a high value real estate for you to place your brand and message. Offered in various material choices like PVC and leatherette, these fun items can be played at the beach, parks or picnic grounds to leave your brand well exposed.

Summer sports products are loads of fun. Cost effective and popular, these logo items will keep your message popular in your community and will enhance brand identity. Easy to transport and distribute, these logo items make perfect choices for tradeshows and mass promotional events as well.  Ideal for several different occasions, these logo items will add a touch of even to a low key promotional event.

Here are some of the popular models to consider in custom sports balls and frisbees

Leatherette Balls: Watch your message change hands among your audience and even beyond on these custom leatherette balls. Offered in a range of colors, these PVC balls will ensure the much-desired vim and verve for your branding. Go for it!

Promotional Leatherette Balls

Rubber Made Baseballs:  Grab easy attention from your audience on a budget and keep your message on high bounce with these attractive custom handouts. Customize these CPSIA baseballs with your brand and message and hand out during milestone celebrations, tradeshow swag or even as cheer leading items to support your home team.

Custom Printed Rubber Made Baseballs

Rubber Balls: Made of high-density, CPSIA compliant rubber, these personalized rubber balls are great stress relievers for everyone. Customize these with your brand and message and keep your brand right on top of the minds of your customers.

Custom Logo Imprinted Rubber Balls - 3 Colors

Glow-in-the-Dark Flyers: These luminescent flyers will keep your brand well lit up even at dark! Ideal to promote night clubs, concerts and restaurants, these logo items are indeed born crowd pleasers.

9.25 Inch Custom Printed Glow-in-the-Dark Flyers

Inflatable Flying Discs: A must-have fun toy for beach events, pool parties and more, these inflatable flying discs will keep your message stay ahead in the choppy market conditions with ease. Go for it!

Promotional Logo Inflatable Flying Discs

Shop from our fabulous collection of custom flyers and sports balls and see how successful promotions can be simply fun!

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