Custom First Aid Kits will Ensure Cutting Edge Brand Visibility

Proper care in the first moments of an injury will ensure faster healing and prevent the risks of infections. First aid kits are designed to be there when your recipients might need these, as it includes all the basic first aid items to take care of minor cuts and nicks. Offered in various models and price rates, first aid kits make versatile handouts for any business line.


You never know when accidents and injury may happen. These practical handouts lend a helping hand to your recipients and make them feel good and reassured. Every time your recipients see your brand, it will evoke positive emotions in them.

Responder 30-Piece First Aid Kits

Show your clients that you put the safety and wellness of your recipients in the forefront. Whether it is logo, artwork or message, your imprint will leave a reassuring touch on your clients. Choose from a wide range of models with high visibility imprint area to show that you care.

Grab-N-Go First Aid Kits - 6 Colors

Most first aid kits include Anti-bacterial wipes, scissors, medical tape and plasters among others. Our branded first aid kits are great for all types of businesses, charities, schools and organizations. Plus these are mandatory in every workplace.  These logo items not just promote your brand but spread awareness about first aid care as well.

MyKit 21-Piece First Aid Kits

First aid kits are available in different models and price points. Handy and ideal for any activities, outdoor adventures and road trips, these wellness kits will make portable billboards for your message.

Companion Care First Aid Kits

Fashion First Aid Kits:  Did you know that first aid kits have evolved to be far from boring? Check out these durable printed polyester kits with a zipper top closure in a number of brilliant color choices. It includes all basic essentials like 1 mini bandage, 2 antiseptic towelettes, ibuprofen pack, antacid etc.  Your logo and message imprinted on these trendy first aid kits will get a lot of attention and appreciation.

Fashion First Aid Kits

On the go first aid kits: No matter what your clients do, every one needs a basic first aid kit on hand. Designed to fit into travel bags, handbags, backpacks and car glove compartments, on the go first aid kits includes 4 alcohol pads, 1 sterile gauze, 2 adhesive pads and 1 adhesive tape roll packed in a non-woven zippered pouch with pocket.

On the Go First Aid Kits

First aid kits are versatile promotional items that are great for offices, homes, cars, schools restaurants and more. Promote good health and personal safety as much as your message with these handy first aid kits that will earn a permanent place in the medicine cabinets of your audience.

Explore our complete line of custom first aid kits to choose an appropriate model.