Custom Face Masks Have Evolved To Be Post Covid Fashion Accessories

Face Masks were once a purely functional accessory for the health care niche; these were even a bit creepy and weird for most people. However, the pandemic has changed our outlook towards facemasks as these have become stylish  and mandatory accessories for everyone.


We all used to wear facemasks at some point in our lives like  during cleaning, travelling or renovating homes as a protective barrier to prevent dust at bay. Not much thought was given into its design to make it fashionable. P2/ P3 masks were used by people living in cities with high levels of pollution or while spraying insecticides in the garden.

 However with the onset of pandemic, as people are forced to wear it every day they wanted something  functional and fashionable to match their life style. That is what brought out the reusable fabric masks in a palette of colors, prints and textures that will add a pop of color to the outdoor outfits. Even Bandanna can be used as masks, head bands and wrist bands among others.Printed Yowie® Multifunctional Rally Wear

As the PPE masks and isolation gowns are best to be left to the healthcare workers, what we need is these cute, trendy reusable masks that people will actually want to wear. Wearing a mask offers some protection against droplets from other sick or asymptomatic carriers of the virus. Along with social distancing, hand washing and staying home – wearing a mask in public can help spread the virus in the community.

Facemasks will also prevent people from touching their face often thereby preventing the germs from hands entering the body.  These masks are reusable and ecofriendly; and can be washed and  used many times without ending up in landfills. For businesses, imprinted facemasks have become a hot promotional item to set off word of mouth publicity- literally!

Printed Protective Cotton Face Masks

Gone are the days when facemasks were worn only by a beauty therapist or a baker. Today wearing masks is a great way to show consideration towards your clients and everyone in the community by making sure that you’re not breathing all over them or spreading droplets while you talk or sneeze! Adding fashion forward custom facemasks  will ensure a well co-ordinated and professional look for your team.

Wearing a fashion accessory over the face and nose is something everyone likes especially as they can wear it over  a medical device. Reusable masks are designed not just reduce the spread of germs but to get you some compliments at the supermarket or the office.

Printed Soft Knitted Face Masks

Wash your hands for 25 seconds before putting the mask on, and repeat before removing it. The masks can be hand washed or machine washed ( if specified) in a separate bag immediately after removing it to keep it in good condition and  hygienic.

Browse our regularly updated collection of custom facemasks and stay safe everyone!