Custom Cutting Boards Make The Best Handouts for The outdoor Season

Spring is the time of the year when people plan all those cook out parties, barbecue events and picnics where they forget about calorie counts for the sake of fun and holiday cheer! To make your outdoor holiday parties easier than never before, we at ProImprint have come up with some of the trending custom cutting boards that you will surely love. For businesses who wish to keep their brand right in front of the eyes of their recipients for a very long time can consider these custom cutting boards as business gifts.

keep their brand right in front of the eyes of their recipients for a very long time

Every family needs a cutting board to make their countless cutting and chopping sessions easy. These items will remain in high visibility zones like kitchen counters, where these will be seen by more people beyond your recipients. A trendy cutting board will not just make an interesting talking topic for anyone who loves cooking but will make collectibles and kitchen counter staples in any home. Custom cutting boards make a perfect handout to promote cookery events, hotels, chefs and more and these logo items enjoy immense popularity among all genres of recipients including those who hop to the hob only on weekend to get a quick fix meal or for those who consider cooking as their passion.

Cost effective and highly functional, cutting boards make highly visible billboards for your brand and message. Include it in your marketing mix and enjoy the raves that follow. To help you get started, we have listed a few top selling models that you will find interesting.

Cutting Board with Strainer: Accentuate your kitchen counter with these handy cutting boards with strainer while you slice and dice with ease. Available in bright colors of blue and red, you can choose a model to match the décor of the kitchen

Custom Printed Cutting Board with Strainer

Galley Bamboo Cutting Boards: These ecofriendly Galley bamboo cutting boards make a must to have kitchen staple. Sleek and light weight, these boards are easy to store and handle. It will make an ideal tradeshow giveaway and perfect to raise your sales during the New Homeowner’s Day.

Custom Galley Bamboo Cutting Boards

Flex-It Cutting Boards: Customized Flex –It cutting boards will make your brand part of kitchens for a long time. Light weight and offered in various vibrant colors, these cutting boards are perfect to chop vegetables, fruit, fish and meat. Easy to pack and carry, these are perfect to promote any food and cookery related business. Every time your recipients use it during picnics or cook outs, your brand will enjoy a wide angle display.

Customized Flex-It Cutting Boards

We have another brilliant model of Personalized Cutting Boards offered in a palette of 12 solid colors which will easily match any kitchen counter top theme of your recipients. This innovatively designed cutting board has a drip channel to avoid spillage while the ribbed rear side will keep it firm on the kitchen tops. These can be used to promote cooking classes, cookery show, food demonstrations and in fact any food industry brand.

Need More? Browse our complete line of custom cutting boards and choose a model that matches your budget. Which model do you plan to use in your forthcoming promotions? Share your ideas at our comments section.

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