Custom Closing Gifts Can Spin Off Referrals For Realtor Businesses

Realtor agents and businesses share a special personal bonding with their customers as they help them materialize one of the biggest dreams of owning a home. Being a home owner is a moment of pride for most people and the realtor brands that help them cherish their dream will always enjoy a special place in their lives. Reports show that people spend a major portion of their life-time savings in buying a home. So, quite naturally, they will not be ready to take any chances in this regard and they often find referrals a great way to make the best deals.

Custom Closing Gifts Can Spin Off Referrals For Realtor Businesses

For realtors, a substantial part of their business comes from client referrals and the best way to set off referrals is by making a tangible connection with your audience by handing out custom gifts that scream out your brand every time they see it. What’s the best way to go about it? Closing gifts make a great way to seal the deals and to celebrate the happy occasion.Custom Imprinted House Shaped Stress Reliever Keychains

Now for a well kept secret. Closing gifts will dramatically enhance the feelings of your clients towards your brand. Needless to say, happy customers bring more business and word of mouth publicity. Studies show that almost 50% of people between 25 and 40 find their next real estate agent from a customer referral. Closing gifts are something that no realtor can take for granted because these gifts will make your clients remember you positively and recommend you to their friends.

The Role Of Closing Gifts In Gaining Referrals

Custom gifts make an instant connection and a personal bonding with your customers’ right from the moment they get it. Getting a personalized gift will mean a lot for the clients and they will value it. Gifts that are imprinted with your name will bring a connection and it is cheaper than ever to get personalized gifts to every client thanks to the bulk order deals.

Gifts that evoke memory about your brand make a good customer referral. Closing gifts will make memories last longer for a very long time after the deal is done. Every time someone needs referrals on realtors, your customers will be more than happy to drop your name and recommend your brand.

If you are looking for something symbolic, house shaped keychains, magnets or handfans will make  great gift items to keep your customers reminded of your brand. Practical gifts like wine chillers, storage containers, cutting boards, umbrellas or blankets will also make great gift ideas. Every time your customers use these daily use items, they will be reminded of your brand. So when their friends ask about their agent, they know where to find your number.

Have you used closing gifts in your business promotions? Do share your experiences with us.