Custom Ceramic Mugs –Warm Up Your Clients with these Classic Gifts

Ceramic mugs make  classic giveaways to introduce people to your brand in a friendly and subtle way without any nagging sales pitch. Why ceramic mugs?  These are colorful,  exude a retro touch and above all are hygienic and wont retain the odor of beverages. Every time your clients relish a piping hot cup of coffee, they will be starting their day with your brand!

Ceramic mugs make a great addition to the coffee tables and will even double up as pen holders or flower vases. Functional, budget friendly and portable, custom ceramic mugs easily provide a creative canvas for the  brand message of businesses.


The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) estimates that 53 percent of U.S. consumers own promotional drinkware. 50 percent of which use these drinkware items two to three times a week. Custom ceramic mugs thus become part of your customer’s everyday routine while your business message gets a grand display.

Benefits of custom ceramic mugs as promotional items.

12 Oz Iridescent Ceramic Mugs

Value added gifts

High utility promotional giveaways like ceramic mugs enhance the daily life experience of your prospects and aren’t obtrusive like traditional publicity items radio or TV ads. Every time your audience enjoys a fresh sip of their favorite beverage they will be drawn closer to your message.

12 Oz Cafe Ceramic Mugs

 Freebies are hard to resist!

Custom gifts will set a positive tone during business conversations and highlight your friendly brand image.  Giveaways like ceramic mugs keep the customers interested all through your promotional events and surveys and above all build up a buzz!

14 Oz Promotional Tall Campfire Ceramic Mugs

High  Marketing Reach

Customers will be more receptive and warm towards your message when you choose useful and trendy handouts like ceramic mugs for them. Your logo and message imprinted on these popular promo items will never fail to reach the intended audience.

15 Oz Full Color Ceramic Mugs

Boost Brand Recognition

Reports show that Nine in 10 people recall your brand  on promotional products, while seven in 10 remember the call to action. Every time they enjoy their cup of Joe, they will indulge in a light hearted dialogue with your message. For most coffee and tea lovers, ceramic mugs double up as interesting collectibles that they love to show off to everyone. Every time they brew up a hot beverage, your branding is on display for other people to see and may even make great conversation starters.

14 Oz Cork Base Ceramic Mugs

Let’s be frank about it. An interesting custom ceramic mug works much like a business card. It makes a classic introduction of your brand and leaves your logo in the eye span of your audience to remember you long after the first point of contact. Get started by browsing our exclusive section of custom ceramic mugs that will make a classic gift choice for your clients.