Custom Camping Giveaways – Pitch Perfect Handouts for Outdoor Campaigns

Nothing says summer than camping holidays for Americans. The market size of the campground & RV park sector in the country reflected an upward trend consistently. 2021  is expected to be one of the most popular years for camping breaks as the stay at home restrictions are lifted. Whether you wish to promote a camping site or reach out to a predominantly camper clientele, we’ve the very best outdoors items, ready to be printed with your message!


Camping is the best way to welcome summer and explore the woods closer to the home turf. Most people may plan staycations and local holidays as overseas travel is yet to be normal in most parts of the world. Plus it is a golden opportunity for everyone to experience and indulge in the best of what US holiday spots has to offer.

Camping has indeed evolved a lot over recent years and this activity has its fair share of glamour and luxury to its credit these days. From camping pods to safari tents and so much more, camping offers a lot of options to suit everyone’s needs and budget.

Soft Fleece Blankets

Custom outdoor giveaways offer a lot of scope for marketers to pitch their message and engage the audience with their message in a subtle way. From  lantern flashlights to bug repellent sunscreen , cooling towels and knife sets , you have a lot of giveaways in all price rates for the campers.

High Sierra® 66 LED 3 in 1 Camping Lanterns Imprinted  Blank  Sample

Here are some handouts that enjoy universal appeal and will get your prospects engaged with your message. So, what are you waiting for? Why not print your logo on these  giveaways  to  reach out to the outdoorsy crowd effectively.

Water proof bags

Check out these weather resistant and sturdy bags that are designed to withstand the rough and tumble of camping holidays and the vagaries of nature.

Customized Waterproof Floating Polyester Dry Bags

Choose from various models, colors and sizes to suit the preferences of your target audience and make your brand part of their camping experience. It will make a smart and safe way for the campers to  keep their sensitive electronic gadgets, clothing and  other items safe from elements.

Personalized Heathered Waterproof Dry Bags

Drinkware items

Nothing sums up the best of camping experience than sipping a cup of piping hot coffee against the glorious backdrop of sunrise. Custom enamel mugs imprinted with your brand and message will help your audience make a great start of their day.

Promotional 16 Oz Enamel Metal Cups Imprinted  Blank  Sample

Plus, your message will pop in front of their eyes many times all through the day and even when they are back home after the camping trip. Highly practical, well retained and available in a range of fun colors these custom drinkware items boast a large print area for your design to make it favorite choice for good reason!

Customized 22 Oz Speckled Enamel Metal Mugs Imprinted  Blank  Sample

Make sure to browse our complete line of custom promotional giveaways before making up your mind. Should you need any assistance, we are only a call away!