Custom Bottle Opener Keychains- Get Your Recipients Party Ready Anytime, Anywhere

Bottle openers are one of the most overlooked party staples. Most people fail to find one when they need the most; and they have to rip it off with their hands or even teeth or borrow from their party mates. This is what makes bottle opener keychains a perfect choice to consider. Everyone will find these handy items useful to pop the drinks. Even if they are not hardcore party animals, they may still need it to carry their keys safely.

Bottle opener

Why should anyone be in that kind of the situation? During spring, summer and early fall, drinking happens outdoors most often, for many occasions. By leaving a bowl of imprinted bottle opener key chains at a party, people will be happy to take them and attach to their keys. Light weight and trendy, these bottles openers are easy to carry. People will never forget to carry these unlike conventional bottle openers simply because these carry their keys as well. Bottle openers are often borrowed among party groups; it makes a great way for your brand to gain the attention of new people. When your recipients add their keys to this keychain, your brand will remain with them for life. Every time they look their door or open filing cabinets, they will see your custom key tag and remember how they got it. They will even talk about it in friends’ circles and events.

These custom keychains that double up as bottle openers come handy not just during happy hours and corporate cocktail parties but at home or picnics as well to pop open those apple juice cans or soda bottle. Just imagine the exposure your brand will get on these promotional gifts during its life time. The best part is that they don’t even look like an advertisement but just a party staple that everyone will love to use and talk about. The best promotional handouts are often the subtlest items sans a marketing overtone.

Need some ideas?

Tennis / Racquetball Racket Shape Bottle Opener Keychains will ensure the longest rally for your brand during promotional events literally. Great for promoting tennis training centers and summer programs, these keychains will grab the attention of everyone easily.

Custom Printed Tennis / Racquetball Racket Shape Bottle Opener Keychains

Facil Safety Reflectors / Bottle Openers that double up as safety reflectors is another smart choice. The swivel clip makes it easy to attach these to bags or belt loops to make a safety feature during night time hiking or biking.

Custom Facil Safety Reflectors / Bottle Openers

Offered in a range of interesting models and colors, bottle opener keychains make budget friendly handouts for all types of promotions; these logo items will never go out of season or look out of place even if you have a mixed audience of diverse demographics.  If you need a sure fire custom gift that will never fail to make heads turn –put your cards on these crowd pleasers. Shop right away!

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