Custom Bandana – The Stylish Replacement For Masks

Can’t find facemask in your favorite store? Looking for a stylish and casual replacement for masks to stay safe from the risks of infection in public places?  Custom bandana will make a great choice. Offered in various colors, brilliant designs and full color digital imprint options, bandanas offer a creative canvas to place your promotional message in front of the world without being intrusive.

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Everyone will love bandanas! These look good on people of all age groups and demographics. The best part is that bandanas are versatile accessories that can be worn in countless ways to suit your needs. Whether you choose to wear it as wrist bands, facemasks, bandanas or neck scarves, bandanas will get noticed easily.

You can use bandana effectively to protect yourself during the pandemic time. Reusable , washable and easy to wear, bandanas will  serve as a protective barrier against droplets, dust , pollen and other external elements. Though these are not medical grade and cannot keep germs away, wearing bandana the proper way will ensure optimum protection outdoors.

Printed Full Color Face Masks

Here are some tips

How to cover face with the bandana?

It should cover both sides of your face including the chin and ear area. It should be secured behind the head without compromising comfort

Fold bandana to create multiple layers before wearing it. It will enhance the filtration capacity and prevent elements from passing through your nose easily

Change bandanas daily or if possible two times a day on a hot summer day where you are likely to sweat more. Wash it daily, dry in sun and press it before using again.

9.5x20 Inch Heather-Roadster Yowies

Though bandanas can ensure sufficient protection  if worn properly while going to public places where social distancing is being observed, these are not effective  in keeping microbes away. So, be mindful before traveling to crowded and high risk places like wet markets, hospitals, and COVID19 hot spots. You may need surgical masks or respirator masks in such cases to ensure maximum safety.

Bandana will make a handy replacement for N-95 and disposable facemasks, which are in short supply and can certainly be helpful in today’s crisis. Custom bandanas are available in various trending models like yowie rally wear, cooling towel bandanas and more. These make great handouts for your employees and customers to ensure safety and style alike.

Printed Yowie® Multifunctional Rally Wear

Encourage everyone to wear bandanas while going out to prevent the spread of various diseases, specifically in today’s pandemic. Just a note of caution, bandanas should not be worn too tight over the face especially young children and aged people as it may hinder breathing and cause discomfort.

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