Custom Air Fresheners- Proven Winners in Marketing Giveaways

With summer just around the corner, most  people may have road trips on their weekend plans. Custom air fresheners will thus make a great handout for marketers to help their clients keep their cars  welcoming and fresh smelling.

A long drive can be a perfect antidote for stress and  boredom. However, the air quality inside the car should be maintained. The pungent smell left behind by the snacks or the wet beach clothes can all make travelling a nightmare. Thus it is imperative to have fresh, fragrant air in your car.

Available in various fragrances and models, air fresheners will even complement  your car’s overall style and identity.

Create a Pleasant experience

Scent marketing is something  new  in business world . Pleasant scent is found to create a positive impact in the minds of the audience , which in turn will  help them to remember brands easily. Thus scented promotional products will enable  brands to get an edge over the competition. Humans  can recognize and remember scents easily. So by associating a particular scent to their brand, marketers can ensure a sensual experience and better branding.

Enhance Brand Perception

Stuffy air coupled with odor from used gym clothes or food can create a less than ideal atmosphere inside even the priciest car! Air fresheners will enhance the feel of any vehicle and make the drive more enjoyable by emitting a pleasant scent. In addition, it will mask the stale smell that may  have a sickening effect on  the passengers.

Budget friendly, easy-to-use and something that people will see every day, these auto accessories will make a  persistent brand reminder for your business. Add your logo , image and taglines to make it unique and one of its type.

Throw back memories

Emotions triggered by smell are more prominent than any other sense. So, brands can make use of scents to set off nostalgic memories that may even make an emotional connection with the customers. Thus your potential customer may be more receptive to your message when you hand out these delightful gifts.

Boost Brand Exposure

Your message printed on air fresheners will remain right in plain sight of the audience and hence make a  great way to advertise your brand. They are seen not only by your recipients but anyone who gets into a car. Thus it will make a great conversation starter during road trips.


Any business  entity can use custom air fresheners as their promotional swag as these will reflect any brand  or event theme. So just put on your creative caps to come up with an interesting tagline to make it even more special!

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