Creative Gift Ideas to Welcome Your Team Back to Work

In the weeks ahead, most organizations plan to get at least half of their staff back in office.After a fairly long spell of working from home,  your employees may need to adjust returning to the office, too. As the team is all set to change the work mode from virtual to real and face to face interactions , it will be interesting to think of some fun ways to welcome them back to office.

Get started right away with these ideas!

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Welcome back gifts are the best and the simplest way to show how happy you are to see them back. Here are some of the custom giveaways  that can be included in your gift bag.

Commute Handouts

Traveling back and forth  for work should be hard  for your employees after not having to do it for over a year.  Travel tumblers make their commute less boring and active. Think of an interesting tagline or an artwork that will pep up the team and bring smiles to their faces!

16 Oz Personalized Otterbox® Elevation® Stainless Steel Tumblers

Backpacks: A custom backpack packed with tech accessories, desk staples and company apparel will be a great choice. They will surely be excited to see these branded bags waiting for them in their work stations. It will go a long way in making a smooth transition from home to office mode of functioning as well.

Budget Backpacks

Wellness gifts

Encourage your employees to stay active after being cooped up in the house. Wellness items like exercise bands, pedometers or yoga mats are some of the many handouts that can be considered. It will indeed give them a solid reason to get up and move.

Yoga Mats with Personalized Carrying Bag

 Food and candy

Probably the one thing the employees are going to miss as they transition to office working mode will be those mid- day snacks and the  fully loaded refrigerator a few steps away from them. Satisfy their sugar craving by handing out custom chocolate and cookies.

1 Oz Chocolate Bars with Full Color Wrappers

Picture Frames

After a year at home, your employees may  miss their family, their pets or the favorite garden area. Make it easy for them to display their favorite snap shots by handing out these picture frames complete with your brand and message.

Customized Brown Acrylic Photo Frames

Fun contest prizes

Fun contests will make a great ice breaker for the employees especially the new recruits who may be seeing the rest of the team for the first time since their induction. Team building activities, games and scavenger hunts are fun ways to get the employees feel at ease on the first day in office.

You can even organize a walking competition to get those lazy legs the much needed work out. For the weekend, consider outdoor themed handouts like BBQ sets, cooler bags and picnic sets that will make your employees happy and excited about planning an outdoor holiday after eons!

5pc BBQ Sets

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