Cooling Towels- Fresh Branding with Every Use

Cooling towels are just right for the hot summer days. The best part is that your recipients can use these as head bands, neck wraps and more.

Available in a palette of attractive colors, these towels will help people to cool down and  maintain the optimum  body temperature even after outdoor activities and fitness  regimens. Hot weather dehydrates the body and leave people tired. Cooling towels help your recipients to refresh themselves. These towels  absorb water and use it to revitalize an cool the body. With this summer promo product your customers will stay cool and refreshed for hours together!

The cooling effect lasts for a long time . Once the water evaporates you need to dry it completely or simply re-soak in water to reuse.

Advantages of custom cooling towels


Cooling towels are light weight, fanciful and easy to distribute in person or mail out. Moreover, people of any age can use it normally as an outdoor accessory or fitness bag item. The summer promotional gift is thus always ready to be used and reused.


Further, this summer promotional gift is fully customizable. Make use of the generous branding area all over and both sides to highlight your message and artwork.

Budget friendly

These low-cost and useful summer promotional gifts are perfect giveaways for festivals, concerts, sport events and so on. Moreover as your recipients use these colorful a cooling towels wherever they go , you will gain excellent brand exposure.


Cooling towels are incredibly useful for all types of outdoor promotions.  Whether you use it as mailer items, trade show swag, game day gifts or something more, these will make interesting summer marketing gifts that help your recipients to stay  cool when on the go. In today’s world run by technology, these simple gifts often strike an instant chord with the audience. The best part is that it is ideal when walking, on public transport or at home!


Cooling towels are not ordinary swag that everyone will get regularly. So, every time people see you using this item, they will find it more interesting and will have a better brand recall.

Free advertisement

 Cooling towels will be used in public  and hence they make an easy way to promote your brand for free, both outdoors and indoors. Your logo printed on these will get a wide angle display and consistent valuable impressions all through its shelf life. These make nice marketing gift ideas to be given away during summer events, festivals and concerts.

Browse our exclusive section of cooling towels to choose a model that you will find interesting.