Coaster Marketing – Customers Will See Your Brand In Their Favorite Places

Coasters may not  ring a bell as a potent marketing tool for some people. However it makes a highly effective marketing strategy for restaurants and bars to get their message right in front of the audience. Your brand will get the undivided attention of a relaxed and receptive audience at cafes, bars and restaurants.


Are you new to coaster marketing? Here are a few tips that will help you get started.

Coasters Remain In Plain View of Your Audience

Coasters make high visibility billboards to market not just drinks and food items. These logo items can be imprinted with any message. The best part is that it will remain right in front of the eyes of your audience till they finish their refreshments. Your brand on coasters engage the customers in a relaxed and comfortable space – often their favorite coffee shop or bars when they will be in a receptive mood to know more about the message that they see in front of them. When your audience unwind after a hectic day, they’re more likely to remember your message.

Promotional 4 Coaster Set with Matching Holder

Custom Coasters have a generous imprint space on both sides for you to place your brand and message. Offered in various eclectic models including stone coasters, fabric coasters, leather coasters, cork coasters, bamboo coasters and even lighted coasters among others, you can easily hand pick a model that suits your promotional theme.

Round Absorbent Stone Coasters

Coasters Converse with Your Customers While They Wait

You can get your brand, taglines, puzzles or artwork printed to make the coasters interesting and interactive. It will give some food for thought for your customers while they’re waiting for their meals and drinks.  It is a great way to start a fun conversation with them. You can even imprint a game or an app that they can play on their smartphones or invite customers to participate in fun contest or sweepstakes. Getting a discount coupon imprinted on the coasters is another way to incite interest in your brand.

Printed Round Cork Top Coasters

Interactive elements give you the opportunity to follow up with permission-based marketing because you can collect emails or motivate social follows right at the table or bar. Alternatively, you can print a coupon code on your coaster and encourage patrons to snap a photo of it now so they can use later.

Lighted Coasters with Opener and Phone Stand

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