Custom Giveaways For 12 days of Christmas Song

The Twelve Days of Christmas (Twelvetide) is observed from 25th December – 5th January to celebrate the Nativity of Jesus. Marketers who wish to adopt this theme in their promotions will have a lot of custom giveaway ideas to consider.

The 12 Days of Christmas” is a popular holiday song that holds a special place in everyone’s hearts. So, here are some custom gift ideas that match the verse of the song for all 12 days of Christmas!

Make your brand stay in their minds during holidays with these custom giveaways that will remind everyone of the popular 12 Days of Christmas carol. So, here we go with some interesting gift ideas that will help you stay in touch with your audience from the first day of Christmas up to the twelfth day.

You can send gifts to your clients and employees on a specific day of the week or even set up a Christmas gift bag that includes all 12 of these giveaways customized with your brand and message.

Keep your eyes peeled for these twelve promotional items that perfectly match the twelve merry days.

Let’s get started!

Day 1    –    Partridge in a Pear Tree

December 25th marks the first day of the 12 days of Christmas song that features a  partridge in a pear tree. So, you can think of custom towels or bandanas  embroidered with these pretty birds, which will easily remind them of the 1st day theme of this song.

Day 2    –    Two Turtle Doves

On the second day of Christmas too you can give them handouts like blankets or beanies printed with these delightful bird motifs. If you are looking for something more popular,  choose delicious food and candy giveaways like chocolate turtle cheesecake works that make a great holiday present.

Day 3    –     Three French Hens      

On the third day, you can get chicken shaped stress relievers or keychains that will take you closest to the French chicken theme. Your recipients will surely enjoy the fun idea behind these handouts.

Day 4     –     Four Calling Birds

Same goes on the fourth day. So, you can think of handouts like cutting boards, notepads, pens  or in fact anything that you wish with a bird motif to drive home the message.

 Day 5   –    Five Golden Rings

As day 5 is all about luxury and opulence, you can choose giveaways that will truly elate the senses of the audience. Choose giveaways like scented candles and essential oils that will enhance the milieu of their living spaces while spreading your brand and the Christmas cheer.

If you are looking for other gift options, wrist watches will make a luxury gift that  your audience will continue to use even after Christmas.

Day 6      –     Six Geese  Laying

On the 6th day of Christmas give your customers six duck shaped hot and cold packs , floating duck s or duck shaped keytags among others. Take the Christmas festivities further ahead by choosing cookbooks with egg recipes that will complement the theme and Christmas festivities alike.

Day 7   –   Seven Swans Swimming

Seven swans as a holiday present? Think of custom blankets or scarves printed with these elegant birds to match the theme while offering something you’re your audience will surely love. You can even consider gift ideas like plush toys that are shaped like swan.

Day 8     –      Eight Maids Milking

The eight maids  in this  Christmas song represent the eight blessings that Jesus Christ gave in the Sermon on the Mount. So, you can choose eight assorted gifts like candies , pens or other budget friendly gifts to complement the 8th day theme.

Day 9     –    Nine Ladies Dancing

Can’t think of a gift alternative to nine ladies dancing? Think of wireless earbuds or speakers that go well with dance and music. Your audience will indeed be pleased to get these high utility giveaways printed with your brand this holiday season.

Day 10     –     Ten Lords Leaping

It need not make a difficult gift idea. You can think of flying and leaping frogs that will easily reflect the 10th day theme.

Day 11 and 12    –    Eleven Pipers Piping & Twelve Drummers Drumming

On the last two days , you can send your customers  handouts like noise makers tambourines and horns to denote the fun and excitement of the pipers piping and drummers drumming. You can even choose instrument-shaped items like key rings and fridge magnets if you are looking for something subtle.

Apart from all the gifts listed above, we have an exclusive section of Christmas giveaways that your audience will truly love. Reach out to our team for more ideas.