Choose A Perfect Mix Of Promotional Items To Drive Your Holiday Promotions

Holiday season is almost here. Put on your creative caps to come with holiday gifts that are loaded with fun, glitter or music to complement the season and the cheer around. Here are some creative ways to use your favorite promotional products to woo your customers and to leave a lasting impression among them.

Choose A Perfect Mix Of Promotional Items To Drive Your Holiday Promotions

Light up!

Nothing says holidays than decorative lights, pumpkin lanterns and shimmering Christmas tree lights among others. Think of custom gifts that emit light as a way to say thank you this season. Offered in a range of shapes and sizes, custom flashlights come handy at home and on the move. Personalize with your brand and message for the maximum impact. These can be used as safety kit items, mailers or winter safety awareness campaign handouts. Choose novelty models like bottle opener flashlights or lights with whistles – to name a few!

Custom Printed 28 Oz Glow-In-The-Dark Sports Bottles

Glow items like glow in the dark sunglasses or glow in the dark sports bottles make great gift items for the holiday season concerts, parades and rallies. Put your brand on and see how these logo items will make the holiday celebrations of your recipients a tad brilliant this year.

Fun and laughter

If you thought marketing has to be a really serious affair, you could be in for a surprise to note that fun gifts will get your message across faster! Fun custom gifts make perfect talking topics and grab easy attention. Choose gifts like Wild Smilez Pen with Stylus or Mood Smiley Face Stress Balls among others and see how easily these silly gifts will leave a big impression. Gifts like coloring books are another hot favorite. Popular among kids and kids at hearts, coloring books are not just fun but have a therapeutic effect in keeping people relaxed and happy too!

Custom Imprinted Mood Smiley Face Stress Balls

Holiday Party staples are a rage

Now that the holiday season is on, it will be smart idea to put some holiday staples like shot glasses, travel tumblers or BBQ sets into your promotional mix. The big fat holiday season that stretches between Halloween and Christmas will offer a lot of scope for these logo items that get used consistently while your recipients host dinner parties and thanksgiving feasts. It will make a subtle way to sneak in your brand on a budget. Go for it!

Put your brand on spin

Be it the old fashioned pin wheels that most of us have grown up with or the latest fad of fidget spinners, spinning toys earn a lot of attention and will grab a few eyeballs easily. Imprint your brand and message on these and put your promotional campaign on a top spin. These fun toys will enjoy a warm welcome and high retention among your audience.

Can you think of more such creative ideas to make brand promotions exciting? Share your ideas at the comments section and join the conversation.

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