Check Out Custom Lip Balms with a Fashion Twist

Custom lip balms  are always a hit at promotional events, though it is common. Now lip balm has become fun themed in the form of lip balm balls, tins, cubes and other shapes.

Offered in brilliant colors and safety sealed in containers with smooth flowing shapes, lip balm is worth showing off,. Needless to say, custom lip balm will make a perfect addition to your  outdoor promotions.

Lip gloss balls

These safety sealed vanilla flavored lip gloss balls are simply great for both winter and  summer events. In addition, you can include them in your gift baskets or mail out along with  New Year greetings . These will tick the boxes of individual gifts as well. Your recipients will indeed appreciate these giveaways and will be excited to use it every time they step outdoors. Your brand printed on these lip balm balls will get a lot of eyes every time they tend to their dry lips.

Lip Moisturizer Cubes

Another equally refreshing,  alternative to basic lip balms is the Lip  balm cubes. This perfectly shaped cubes holds a soothing, vanilla flavored lip gloss inside. Your custom printed logo on the  cap will get easy attention. Choose from various eye-catching colors to complement your branding theme.

Metallic lip balm

Safety sealed in a trendy metallic colored ball shaped container, this vanilla flavored  Metallic Lip Balm will make ideal handouts during outdoor events, summer festivals, concerts and fairs among others. The best part is these shining containers will surely be reused for different purposes even after the lip balm is used up, which means your message will get an extended display.

Harvest Lip Moisturizer Balls

This vanilla flavored lip balm that is safety sealed in Polypropylene ball shaped container will make a perfect alternative to ordinary lip balm  during the upcoming events.

Metallic Rainbow Lip Moisturizer Balls

These stunning rainbow colored lip balm balls will make your message the talk of the event for sure. Your recipients will indeed be excited to receive these brilliant lip balm balls for their personal collection. Customize it to make it even more special.

Woodtone Lip Moisturizer Balls

Add a retro touch to your branding with these  interesting giveaways of wood tone ball shaped lip balm. This vanilla flavored lip moisturizer will make a welcome giveaway especially for winter promotions and holiday themed events.

Golf Ball Shaped Lip Balm

There cant be a better way to get your message part of the golfing experience this season than these golf ball shaped lip balm. These tamper resistant, white colored lip balm balls will set a perfect backdrop for your message.

Looking for more? Brows our collection of custom lip balms to keep a tab on the latest trends and fashion twists.