Celebrate Plastic-Free July With Eco-Friendly Giveaways

Observed every year in the month of July, Plastic Free July is a global movement that empowers millions of people to choose a sustainable future with cleaner communities and be part of the fight against plastic pollution. Marketers can play their little part to highlight their brand’s dedication for a cleaner, more sustainable future by including eco-friendly handouts in their marketing plan.

Here are some sustainable custom ecofriendly giveaways that will reduce plastic pollution and ensure a brighter future.


Tote bags

Reusable tote bags can help to cut down the use of plastic bags by inspiring the shoppers to carry their own bags while shopping. It is a great way to reduce the chances of the plastic bags getting into the hands of the shoppers  right at the source. Choose from  a wide range of models including Jute, cotton or non woven totes that are functional, fashionable and above all reusable. Plus, these versatile bags are ideal as beach bags, travel bags  and lunch bags among others, which further enhances its popularity.

 Large Jute Tote Bags

 Wheat Mugs

Plastic tumblers take up the one of the biggest shares in landfills. Wheat tumblers made of reclaimed wheat stalks are reusable, trendy and biodegradable. It is a great way to associate your brand with plastic free July theme and engage the audience with this social cause over a cup of tea- literally!

12 Oz Wheat Mugs

Bamboo cutting boards

A simple change made this month in your kitchen can leave a lasting effect in making earth a better place to live! Bamboo cutting boards will match well with any decorative theme of your kitchen and will make your cutting and chopping chores easier. Long lasting and hygienic, these cutting boards will end up a popular talking topic  of everyone who happens to see it.

Galley Bamboo Cutting Boards

Wooden pens

Wooden pens will make a sustainable replacement for disposable plastic pens on your work desks. Plus the classic charm of these writing instruments will make it a symbol of brand pride while your employees will turn into your best brand advocates during business events and trade shows.

Eco Friendly Bamboo Pens

Wheat lunch containers

Wait a minute to take a closer look at these trending eco-friendly staples  of lunch containers made of wheat stalks.  This set includes utensils and a 3-section main lunch compartment that will enhance the dining experience for sure.  Choose from various interesting models including those with phone stands who wish to enjoy a movie or music over the meals!

Wheat Lunch Sets with Phone Holder

Reusable straw

Save the oceans and the turtles alike by switching to reusable straws including silicon straws, wheat straws or stainless steel straws that wont litter the water bodies and choke the earth.  Add plastic free July message along with your logo and artwork  to spread awareness of this event and  inspire your audience to be part of this global movement.

Silicone Reusable Straw In Case

Wish to make a difference? Choose from a wide range of ecofriendly handouts that are too good to overlook!