Celebrate A Green Christmas With  Ecofriendly Holiday Ornaments

Let’s be frank about it! Nobody can predict whether it is going to be a beautiful, frosty white Christmas in 2020. However, one thing we can be sure about is the incredible pleasure in celebrating a green themed Christmas.


Fancying a green Christmas? Businesses and organizations can strive to reduce the wastage and plastic pollution during Christmas by adopting some green themed Christmas celebration tips and giveaways. It will not just spread the cheer but highlight your social commitment and the ecofriendly traits of your businesses.

Printed Wood Ornament - Gift Tags

Holidays are a testing time for the environment as an additional one million tons of trash go into landfills each week around December. From tree décor items to gift boxes, catalogs, napkins and food waste left behind due to the overindulgence attitude of humans make its way to the environment.

Reports show that customers are more likely to support businesses that adopt an ecofriendly way of doing business than those that are interested only in sales. With all the gift buying and parties, Christmas is one of those holidays where there is plenty of excess and wastage.

Wooden ornaments, wooden gift tags and  and minimalist gift boxes are some of the easy options that can be tried out to incorporate eco-friendly holiday decor in your home.

Wood Ornaments - Stocking

Leatherette  Christmas ornaments is the new trend in tree decorations. Reusable and  long lasting, these intricate ornaments will make your stand stand out in style while the message imprinted on these custom ornaments will get a lot of glances as well.

Eco-friendly Christmas decorations

 Whether it is snowman or Christmas motifs like  bells, Santa, stars or snow flakes and more , wooden Christmas ornaments have taken the market by storm. These beautiful and reusable tree decorations can be customized with your holiday message, artwork or logo to make great mailer gifts or holiday handouts for your customers and employees.

Custom Wood Ornaments - Bell

Designed to look good and last long for a long time, these ornaments will earn a permanent display spot on the Christmas trees. Too beautiful to throw away and a classic alternative for the customary glittering plastic ornaments and adornments, these décor pieces will indeed make Christmas memorable for being earth-friendly!

These hanging ornaments are large enough to even jazz up a corner of your space to welcome your holiday guests. Set the perfect mood and ensure a magical makeover for your tree with these wooden ornaments. You can bring nature right into your spaces with these ecofriendly  ornaments.

Leatherette Ornament - Tree

Here are some delightful options that you will find interesting

Wood Ornaments – Snowflake: These stringed décor items are easy to hang anywhere the user likes. Customize it with your artwork or holiday greetings to make it truly special.

Wood Ornaments - Snowflake

Leatherette Ornament – Bell: These intricately designed ornaments will enhance the tree décor easily. Reusable and long lasting, these ornaments will make green themed Christmas celebrations a breeze.

Custom Printed Leatherette Ornament - Bell

Leatherette Ornament – Snowman Less harmful to the planet and eye pleasing, these tree ornaments make a new addition to the happening list to the tree décor items that will leave everyone excited about!

Custom Printed Leatherette Ornament - Snowman

We have a lot more! Do not miss the top trends; explore our Christmas promotional gifts and make sure that you have the best gifts for your clients and customers.