Cause Marketing Can Enhance the Goodwill of Brands – Know How

Studies show that an overwhelming majority of 94% of customers prefer brands that support causes and are committed to social issues. Thus cause marketing has become the latest success mantra for most business owners. Brands that strive to make this world a better place will get a high degree of appreciation. Thus it is a win- win situation where the brands that give the most get back the best.Promotional Logo 12 Oz Cafe Ceramic Mugs

These days, printing a few hundred brochures or business cards won’t help in getting your brand promoted. Simple because, your recipients rarely read flyers before trashing it! So, a smarter way to impress your customers would be through cause marketing and promotional gifts which will keep your brand name right on top of the minds of your customers for a very long time.

Cause marketing
A well planned cause marketing plan will leave a positive impact for your brand among the existing customers and will spread word of mouth publicity that attract new customers who are inspired by the charity events and cause promotions. More than just a donation, cause marketing is all about highlighting the generous profile of your company.

Awareness Ribbons
Awareness ribbons and magnets make key ingredients in any awareness campaign. Show your support to the cause by choosing the appropriate colors and support groups to raise money and spread awareness. For instance red ribbon magnets are for aids awareness, pink ribbons stand for awareness campaigns on the prevention of breast cancer while blue ribbons stand for autism related awareness campaigns.2.6875x2.25 Customized Ribbon Shape Awareness Full Color Magnets

Awareness Month Calendar
Check out the awareness month calendars to find about the cause that you wish to get associated with. This will keep your cause marketing at the desirable pace and precision.

Campaign gift ideas
No awareness campaigns can be complete without appropriate logo items and cause marketing is any different. Here are some of the custom gifts that can be used for awareness drives and fund raising activities for non profits.

Ceramic mugs: Ever popular and always in use, these drinkware items will keep your social cause bang at the eye length of your customers. Imprint your logo, cause and message on these and see how your social message gets a wider audience.

T–shirts: These make moving billboards for your social cause and awareness messages. Imprint your logo and message on these and every time your recipients wear these logo T shirts, they will not just be reminded of your cause but will make them feel special to be associated with it.

Tote bags: Budget friendly and unique, these reusable bags will make a delightful option for your cause marketing. Functional and popular, these logo bags will make great options to show your support for the cause and to raise funds.

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